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Bumax Screws and Hexagon Bolts are known as the strongest Stainless Steel fasteners in the world. Bumax components deliver unparalleled strength, corrosion resistance, and heat protection, maintaining high-precision under extreme conditions.

High Grade Stainless Steel

Bumax fasteners are manufactured from authentic European Stainless Steel, which is sourced from trusted premium manufacturers, and is subject to strict inspections to ensure quality. Bumax Stainless Steel is produced to precise specifications, which ensures low levels of impurities, and very little variation from batch to batch.

Fully Traceable

Bumax offers full traceability on all 88 and 109 fasteners throughout the entire manufacture process, with 3.1 mill certificates are available on customer request.

Enhanced Tensile Strength

Accu’s Bumax component range offers increased yield and tensile strength over standard A4 Stainless Steel fasteners. Bumax 88 bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 800N/mm², and Bumax 109 bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 1000N/mm². Enhanced tensile strength increases the safety and strength of a fixing, and allows fasteners to be downsized; creating smaller, more lightweight fastenings without sacrificing the structural integrity of an assembly.

Elemental Resistance

Bumax is designed to offer excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, and high pressure. Bumax’s increased molybdenum content makes it especially resistant to saltwater corrosion, making it ideal for use in aeronautics and offshore drilling.

Low Magnetic Permeability

Bumax components have a very low attraction to magnets and magnetic fields. This makes Bumax fasteners safe for use alongside heavy-duty electromagnets, and ideal for use in the electrical industry and nuclear power stations.

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