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Torx Screws Technical Information.

Higher Torque Transfer

Hexalobular screw heads, commonly referred to as Torx, 6lobe, or star drive, offer higher torque transfer by increasing the surface area between the driver and tool. This feature reduces tool damage and wear which, in turn, increases tool life and preserves surface treatments.

Torx Tool Life

The increased torque transfer of a hexalobular drive extends the working life of drivers and tools, resulting in considerable improvements to both operational efficiency and cost efficiency. Torx screws also do not suffer from the cam-out effect typically associated with other screws, featuring more traditional drives.

Large Potential For Rationalisation

The Torx drive can be incorporated into multiple screw types, reducing tooling costs and tool storage space. Accu offers one of the largest ranges of Torx Screws in the world.

Tamper Resistance

Hexalobular screw heads can be used in applications that require increased tamper resistance. As a more modern drive type, screwdrivers and tooling are not as widely available as older, more conventional heads, which can make these fasteners harder to tamper with. For additional tamper resistance, Accu also offers a range of Security Torx Screws, which feature a central security pin, and require a specialist tool for installation and removal.

Torx Screws In Industrial Applications

Hexalobular screws are becoming increasingly common in multiple worldwide markets, including: medical, aerospace, defence, telecommunications, automobile and many other industries.

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