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Environmental Policy.

At Accu the environment is at the forefront of our mind. Our unwavering dedication to the environment drives us to proactively seek out and implement a wide range of strategies aimed at minimising our impact. We firmly believe that safeguarding the planet is a shared responsibility, and we are determined to do our part.

Accu expects the full cooperation of our employees and supply chain to achieve the following goals:

● Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards.

● Monitor the use of resources

● The creation of unnecessary waste is to be reduced wherever possible.

● Exposure to substances hazardous to organic life is reduced wherever possible. Where exposure is unavoidable, such as in chemical-based manufacture processes, potential risks to health and to the environment are addressed and removed or mitigated.

● Customer-stated requirements regarding the prohibition of materials and substances in relation to local and national laws are observed and followed at all times. If the supply of prohibited products or materials is unavoidable due to fundamental characteristics of the product in question, the customer is consulted.

● Energy use is monitored and reduced wherever possible, reducing costs and emissions.

● Accu will measure and monitor our environmental performance and set goals to improve our performance over time.

Accu believes that by implementing these policies and practices, we can make a positive contribution to the environment and society, while also growing our business.

Download A Copy Of Our Environmental Policy

DOWNLOAD Environmental Policy DOCUMENT.

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