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CAD/ 3D Model Downloads.

Accu can provide a full range of 3D CAD models that can be downloaded and integrated into your design.

Three model types are offered as standard; STEP (.stp), IGES (.igs) and STL (.stl).

This combination provides support for most modern 3D modelling software packages, such as Fusion360 or SolidWorks.

If you are unable to import any of our models please contact our engineering team who can provide additional file formats on request.

Please note that Accu's free 3D CAD Model Downloads are limited to 20 per day.

How to Download 3D Models From Accu.

To quickly and easily download our CAD models, you'll first need to be signed into your Accu account.

If you haven't already created your free account, you can do so using the button below:

Create Your Account

  • Head to the product detail page of the part that you'd like to download.
  • Navigate to the '3D CAD MODELS' tab.
  • Choose your preferred file type and click 'Download' to save the 3D model to your device.*
  • Import the model into your CAD software.

*In the event that a CAD Model is unavailable, you can submit a request with our engineers by providing your name and email address.

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