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Certificate of Conformity (C of C).

A certificate of conformity is the signed declaration that products have been manufactured in compliance with any relevant internal or external manufacturing standards, such as those put in place by international standardisation authorities such as DIN, ISO, or BSI.

A certificate of conformity is a written confirmation of adherence to a strict system of quality control during manufacture, and is an integral part of Accu's quality assurance policy. Certificates of conformity may also be a legal requirement when importing into certain countries.

How do I get a Certificate of Conformity?

Certificates of conformity are issued as standard for every order placed with Accu. Digital certificate copies are always available, and physical copies can be sent with orders for customers who choose not to opt-in to our paperless systems during the checkout process.

Digital copies of certificates of conformity can be downloaded online at any time using Accu's online order tracker.

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