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Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Accu Limited Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our expectations of our supply chain, it helps us establish a culture that promotes transparency, operational excellence, responsible and ethical conduct.


At Accu we expect our supply chain to respect human rights and the fundamental rights and freedoms that we are all entitled to regardless of factors such as nationality, race or gender.
For further details, please see Accu’s Management Ethics and Human Trafficking Policy.

Environmental Policy

Accu expects our supply chain to comply with all applicable environmental laws and seek ways to conserve natural resources and energy, reduce waste and the use of hazardous substances to minimise any adverse effects on the environment.
For further details, please see Accu’s Environmental Policy.

Management Ethics

One of Accu’s core values is integrity and we take pride in running an ethical business as such we take a zero tolerance approach on the issues of bribery, corruption and illegal payments and we expect our partners to act in an ethical manner too.
For further details, please see Accu’s Management Ethics and Human Trafficking Policy.

Conflict Minerals Policy

In compliance with restrictions placed upon conflict minerals, Accu requires our supply chain to insure all inbound and outbound products to be free from the elements (or derivatives of) tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold – collectively known as 3TG – originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo or neighbouring countries.
For more details, please see Accu’s Conflict Minerals Policy Statement.

Counterfeit and Non-conforming Items Policy

At Accu, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeit goods. We expect our supply chain to check all materials against internationally recognised manufacturing standards. Ensuring the authenticity and quality of the products we purchase is of paramount importance to us.
For further details, please see Accu’s Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI) Policy.

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