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Secure Payment Page.

Secure Data Transfer

The security and safety of your data is of absolute importance to us. All payment transactions, account information and contact information is transmitted over a secure encrypted connection.

Payment Options

Accu accepts the following methods of payment online, through our secure payment link and by purchase order (email).

  • All major credit/ debit cards, including American Express
  • Direct bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit account (available for business customers only; subject to application and approval).

International Currency Options

For international orders, Accu can accept over 20 world currencies. Currency can be selected at the top of any page.

Ordering Online

Ordering through our online store is quick, secure and easy.

Our online product information is a live feed of our current pricing and availability.

Ordering By Phone/ Email

Accu's Customer Satisfaction team are available between 8.30AM and 5:30PM (GMT) Monday to Friday to help and assist with any order queries by phone or email. Please note that we no longer accept order payments over the phone.

Credit Account Applications

Credit accounts are available exclusively to business customers, subject to approval of an application. For more information and to apply, please visit our Credit Account Criteria page.