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Accu is a UK based, high precision engineering company specialising in small mechanical components and sub-assemblies. Our breadth of knowledge extends through a number of standard mechanical engineering product ranges. Coupled with detailed expertise and experience, this allows us to provide excellent support when integrating our standard products into highly reliable, accurate sub-assemblies.

Our worldwide client list includes a range of businesses and individuals from sectors including:

  • Defense
  • Aerospace (including space exploration)
  • Medical
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Motorsport
  • 3D Printing & Desktop Manufacturing

Accu's online store is designed to help engineers and purchasing teams find the high precision components they need quickly and efficiently, thanks to our industry leading smart search system. All of our standard components are available either off the shelf, or are manufactured to order on short lead-times.

Our dedicated technical team are on hand every day to assist with any technical or sales queries that you may have about our standard products or integration within your application.

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