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How Do I Reset My Password?.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset by following these 8 simple steps:

1) On the Authentication page, click the button ‘Forgot your password?
2) Enter the email address used to register your Accu account and click ‘Retrieve Password’.
3) You will then receive an automated Accu email with the subject ‘Password query confirmation’.
4) Confirm the request by clicking the link in this email.
5) This will take you back to our website, confirming your request has been processed.
6) You will then receive a second automated Accu email with a new temporary password.
7) Use this new password to log in to your account.
8) Once logged in, head to Your Account Summary to manage your account and set a new password of your choice.

Please note: Automated emails may take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox.