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Accu is a leading global supplier of precision engineering components, proudly serving over 50% of the Top 100 global manufacturers.

With our support, our customers create life changing advancements - from micro screws in children's prosthetic limbs, to lightweight washers in race cars and surgical robots - our components are delivered across the world to help build a better future.


Trusted by world class manufacturers, Accu components, tooling and hardware are selected for their high performance and accuracy. From design & prototyping to assembly & mass production, leading global brands choose Accu for their product development projects, big and small.

Nuts & Bolts For Manufacturing
Micro Screws For Electronics

Electrical Engineering & Electronics

Accu’s precision components and electrical hardware are popular within the Electronics and Electrical Engineering industries, with our Stainless Steel fasteners in particular being used in the development of continuous wave & ultrafast lasers and in the production of technology for extreme environments. Recently we have supported industry leaders in the manufacture of E-Bikes, mobile communication devices and assistive technology.

Prosthesis & Robotics

We are proud that our components are utilised in the production of innovative prosthesis, affording life changing rehabilitation and improved quality of life to amputees. Our highly precise micro screws have been used in unpowered and animatronic limb replacements, whilst our precision actuation components help to provide realistic powered articulation in prosthetic limbs.

Small Screws For Robotics
Fasteners For Medical Devices


We’re proud to support businesses operating in the Medical Engineering industry, supplying high quality components used in the design and manufacture of medical devices such as medical imaging, respiratory equipment and non-invasive diagnostic system technologies. Accu’s wide range of screws, hardware and fixings are selected for the assembly of machinery used for ground-breaking medical research, from blood analysis and disease detection to DNA extraction and vaccine development.

Aerospace & Aircraft Engineering

Our components are relied upon by a number of companies within the aerospace and aircraft industries. Uniformity, reliability, and ultra precise weights and specifications are crucial factors in a field where misalignment by microns can be critical. Accu fasteners and hardware are utilised in applications such as payload systems, optic sensors and critical flight-safety landing gear. Accu components also support innovation in the drone and general aviation markets.

Nuts & Bolts For Aerospace Applications
Bolts For Automotive Industry


Accu is a trusted supplier to some of the most distinguished names in the automotive industry. We’re proud to have supplied components used in the design and manufacture of zero emissions engines and sustainable delivery vehicles, including both hybrid and electric cars. Most recently we’ve supported a growing number of businesses manufacturing and modifying British cars and vintage vehicles, opting to replace OEM bolts with our high quality fasteners.


Accu is proud to provide engineering services and high precision components to a number of leading teams in motorsport racing, whilst also supporting the next generation of engineers through sponsorship of teams competing in the Formula Student competition. Our fasteners and actuation components have been selected for their high performance capabilities, from aerodynamics and assembly to structural design, Accu components are trusted to help make the difference, where every millisecond can be crucial.

Stainless Steel Bolts For Motorsport
Eco-friendly Fasteners

Energy & Environmental Services

Accu components are utilised in power stations across the world, playing a critical role in the assembly of machinery such as wind turbines and in solar farm maintenance. Our precision fasteners are frequently involved in the development of clean fusion energy and the operation of renewable electricity generators and fusion reactors. We are proud to support companies who are making the world a cleaner, safer and better place.

University Research & Development (R&D)

Accu components are utilised in research projects by over 100 universities worldwide. Our high precision fasteners and hardware have been used by those at the forefront of the scientific community, from use in instruments developed for chemical detection to technology for air monitoring and contamination measurements. We are very proud to work with so many of the world's leading education, research and development organisations.

Nuts & Bolts For Research
Defence & Military Screws

Defence Technology Development

Accu is a recognised supplier for commercial and military defence applications, from state-of-the-art arms and service vehicles, to personal security and countermeasures equipment. Our fasteners and precision components are relied upon to provide accuracy and reliability in critical protection and detection applications, where performance under extreme conditions is vital.


Our Bumax and Marine Grade Stainless Steel components are a popular choice for marine applications. From use in the assembly of boats and cargo ships to offshore drilling and the rebuilding of marine generators, Accu’s precision components offer a durable and long lasting solution within a number of demanding applications, even in the most hostile environments.

Marine Stainless Bolts
Lead Screws & Nuts For 3D Printing

3D Printing

Accu’s Linear and Rotary components play a key role in the revolutionary technology of 3D Printing. Our highly precise belt & pulley systems are ideal for 3D printing prototype models and additive manufacturing products. Accu also lists a wide range of specialist screws designed for fastening into 3D printed plastics. This versatile fabrication technology opens many doors for innovation and rapid prototyping as desktop manufacturing becomes more affordable and more accessible.


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