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Accu’s Brass fasteners are an adaptable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing fastener solution for a variety of applications. The softness and self-lubricating nature of Brass makes it durable and resilient in low-force applications.


One of Brass’ most advantageous properties is its relative softness when compared to other materials within a sub-assembly. Brass fasteners and components are often used to absorb wear which would otherwise damage the mating components within a sub-assembly or mechanism. The cost efficiency of Brass means that Brass components can wear down and be replaced more regularly than more crucial and expensive components.

Water-Resistant and Anti-Corrosion

Brass fasteners have been used in marine equipment for centuries, and are inherently resistant to submersion in water and corrosion when used outside. However, Brass’ relative softness limits its use in robust structural fastenings – for these applications we would recommend a stronger material such as Stainless Steel.

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