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The components in Accu’s Aluminium fastener ranges are constructed of lightweight and durable aircraft-grade aluminium. Aluminium components are ideal for aircraft and automotive engineering, where weight reduction can significantly increase operating efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Corrosion Resistance

In addition to its weight reductive qualities, Aluminium has a high degree of corrosion resistance, and is suitable for outdoor applications. Aluminium fasteners naturally produce a protective oxide coating, which prevents corrosion and increases longevity.

Odourless and Tasteless

Aluminium fasteners are ideal for use in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. The impermeable and odourless nature of aluminium prevents the diffusion of metallic tastes and smells, making it ideal for use in the manufacturing of storage vats and cooking utensils.


Aluminium screws, nuts and bolts are highly adaptable, making them ideal for Accu’s bespoke product design and manufacture service. This material is also particularly useful in applications where customers plan to modify components for their own specific purposes. Aluminium is easily machined, and can be utilised to create versatile custom components for a variety of purposes.


Aluminium is also a widely recycled material. The recycling of scrap aluminium requires only 5% of the energy required to create raw aluminium, making it an environmentally friendly choice for component fabrication. At Accu, we pride ourselves on our environmentally conscious policies and business procedures, and we are proud to include aluminium components in our ranges.

Anodisation Options

On request, Accu's Aluminium components can be supplied with a selection of durable, high-quality anodised coatings. Colours available include Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Black, Silver and Gold.

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