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Steel Alloys.

Steels are usually some of the most hard-wearing and cost-effective solutions for a variety of engineering applications. However, Steels can be vulnerable to rust - for applications where components will be in the presence of moisture, a variety of Stainless Steel or the use of a protective coating such as Bright Zinc Plating is advised.

EN8 Carbon Steel

EN8 Carbon Steel is a high-carbon Steel variant within Accu’s material range. Carbon Steels are very strong, but this can cause rigidity and brittleness under extreme stress.

12.9 Hardened Steel

12.9 Hardened Steel is a high-tensile material within Accu’s Steel range. 12.9 Steel is quenched and tempered to achieve extremely high tensile strength and durability, making it ideal for high-force applications.

Mild Steel

Mild Steel is one of the most cost-effective, ductile, and easily machined variants of Steel which Accu can offer. Mild Steel contains less Carbon than EN8 Carbon Steel, and is therefore less brittle. Mild Steel is ideal for medium to high-force applications where corrosion-resistance is not a requirement.

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