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Stainless Steels.

Before branching into other materials, Stainless Steel fasteners were Accu's original flagship product range - as such, our engineers are experts in working with Stainless Steels. We have worked alongside Stainless Steel components for many years, and are known specialists within the high-precision Stainless Steel fastener industry.

A1 Stainless Steel

A1 Stainless Steel is a grade of Stainless Steel offered on certain Accu components. This material offers less corrosion resistance than other grades of Stainless Steel, but is free-machining, and offers excellent adaptability.

A2 Stainless Steel

A2 Stainless Steel is resistant to corrosion and oxidization, and is widely used throughout the high-precision fastener industry. A2 Stainless Steel fasteners are resistant to liquids and foodstuffs, as well as a variety of inorganic chemicals, making them ideal for use in a wide variety of applications. A2 Stainless Steel is structurally resistant to corrosion in fresh water, but can tarnish over time in humid environments.

A4 Stainless Steel

A4 Stainless Steel, also known as 316 Stainless Steel, has a higher chromium content than A2, making it more resistant to corrosion, and suitable for use in very humid marine environments. A4 Stainless Steel also contains increased levels of nickel and molybdenum, which improve resistance against aggressive environments such as sea climates (chlorides), and industrial atmospheres (sulphur dioxide). A4 Stainless Steel is almost identical to A2 Stainless Steel in both strength and weight. The increased amount of chromium in these components also gives them a slightly brighter appearance.

Stainless Steel Grades

A2 and A4 Stainless Steel fasteners both come in three distinct classifications: 80 (high-strength), 70 (cold worked) and 50 (soft). A2 and A4 are the most common varieties of Stainless Steel fastener available from Accu, with alternatives available on request.


Bumax components are known as the strongest, most resilient Stainless Steel fasteners on the market. Please see our Bumax section for further details.

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