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AccuLock Thread Lock Specifications.

AccuLock thread-locking patches use a special thread lock adhesive for increased friction; resisting loosening, vibrations, and leakage. 

Applied as a 360-degree finish on the external threads of precision screws, AccuLock remains viscous at a molecular level allowing it to fill space between threads during installation. The compound remains in this semi-fluid-like state throughout its lifespan to effectively fight against vibrations. For a more heavy-duty thread lock which sets in place, take a look at our Precote 80 thread locking solution.

Widely used in industries like automotive and machinery, it maintains tension and clamping force, particularly in parts exposed to vibrations and temperature fluctuations. AccuLock allows for adjustments over time, is reusable, and doesn't require curing time post-installation, enhancing component life and reducing labour costs.

Gain insight into the critical role of thread lock in engineering by exploring our comprehensive guide "What Is Thread Lock?", a starting point for understanding this essential fastening technology.

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AccuLock Datasheet

AccuLock Cap Head Screw With Acculock Thread Locking Patch.
Material Composition Methacrylic Resins and Co-polymers
Finished Appearance Pink-Red
Operating Temperature -50°C to 75°C
Reusability 5 Times
Shelf Life Indefinite when not exposed to Light
Protects Against Corrosion (in the threaded joint) Yes
Expected Use Case Electronics and Mechatronics - Anti Vibration
Time Till Full Strength On Installation
Chemical Resistance Not Solvent or Fuel Resistant
Water Resistance Impervious to Tap and Saltwater
  • Specifications / Performance Standard Compliance
  • BS 7715:1994
  • NAS 1283
  • IFI 124
  • Ford WA 970
  • IFI 524
  • GM 6189
  • DIN 267 part 28
  • Saab STD 1258
  • Mil-F-18240
  • Caterpillar E 25
Application Degree 360 Degrees

Shop For AccuLock

Using too much or too little formula can negatively affect performance which is why we recommend purchasing your desired components pre-applied with AccuLock.

Our team of specialists accurately apply the chemical compound onto the thread to ensure an even and consistent 360-degree finish following our stringent quality control process.

Shop AccuLock Component Range

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Additional Resistance Against Vibration & Loosening

Accu can supply locking nuts and several types of anti-vibration washers that can be used in conjunction with our stainless steel screws with AccuLock for further resistance to excessive vibration.

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