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Anu–Lok 180 Thread Lock Specifications.

Anu-Lok 180 is a robust thread locker crafted from Nylon 11 to mimic Nylock, it’s ideal for securing precision screws. It's highly effective across a wide temperature range, from -50°C to 120°C, and offers up to five uses with an unlimited shelf life. This makes it a reliable choice for various engineering applications.

Complying with numerous standards like BS 7715:1994 and NAS 1283, Anu-Lok 180 is applied at up to a 180-degree angle depending on diameter for optimal performance. This feature is particularly beneficial in industries such as automotive and machinery, where it ensures consistent tension and clamping force in parts exposed to vibrations and temperature shifts.

Anu-Lok 180 not only enhances the lifespan of components but also contributes to cost efficiency by reducing labour requirements. For those interested in the specifics of thread locking technology, our guide "What Is Thread Lock?" offers an engaging overview, catering to both newcomers and experienced engineers.

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Anu-Lok 180 Datasheet

Anu-Lok 180 Cap Head Screw With Anu-Lok 180 Thread Locking Patch.
Material Composition Nylon 11
Finished Appearance Yellow
Operating Temperature -50°C to 120°C
Reusability 5 Times
Shelf Life Indefinite
Protects Against Corrosion (in the threaded joint) No
Expected Use Case

General Purpose Threadlocking

Time Till Full Strength On Installation
Chemical Resistance Solvents / Fuels / Hydraulic fluids / Lubricants / Bleach / Detergents
Water Resistance Impervious to Tap and Saltwater
  • Specifications / Performance Standard Compliance
  • BS 7715:1994
  • NAS 1283
  • IFI 124
  • Ford WA 970
  • IFI 524
  • GM 6189
  • DIN 267 part 28
  • Saab STD 1258
  • Mil-F-18240
  • Caterpillar E 25
Application Degree 180 Degrees

Shop For Components With Anu-Lok 180 Pre-Applied

Did you know that applying your own thread lock can not only cost you time but also that applying too much or too little can drastically alter the reliability? 

Accu prides itself on offering components with Anu-Lok 180 pre-applied. Applied and quality inspected by our team of engineers, this is the easiest, most cost-effective way to make sure your components get the precise amount of application so you can focus on installation.

Shop Anu-Lok 180 Component Range

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Increased Vibration Resistance

Accu also offers specialised locking nuts and a variety of anti-vibration washers. When used alongside our stainless steel screws with Anu-Lok 180, these components significantly bolster resistance to intense vibration, ensuring a more secure and stable assembly.

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