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Black Oxide Finish.

Accu's black oxide finish is a popular surface treatment used on a variety of precision-machined components.

This finish is achieved by a chemical conversion process that transforms the metal surface into a layer of magnetite (Fe3O4), giving it a distinctive black appearance. The process typically involves immersing the component in a bath of oxidizing salts or alkaline solutions heated to a precise temperature.

The result is not just cosmetic; black oxide provides a range of practical benefits. It reduces light reflection, minimizes friction, and offers a slight increase in dimensional stability. Moreover, this finish does not significantly affect the physical dimensions of the component, making it ideal for applications where tight tolerances are crucial.

Black oxide is an excellent choice for engineers and designers seeking an aesthetic appeal coupled with functional advantages, especially in applications where the parts are exposed or visible. It's particularly beneficial in sectors like aerospace, automotive, and defence, where both performance and appearance are paramount.


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