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Gold Plating.

Accu can offer Gold plating on a wide variety of components. By applying a thin layer of Gold to the surface of our components, we can utilise Gold’s wide array of the beneficial qualities, without incurring excessive costs. Gold plating offers a variety of aesthetic and functional advantages:

Exceptional Conductivity

Gold and Silver are exceptional in their ability to conduct electricity, which makes them ideal for a number of electrical applications, particularly in printed circuit boards and electrical connectors.

High Technology Development

Gold plating is used for a range of purposes throughout the aerospace and scientific communities. Gold components are used for their unreactive qualities and their superior infra-red reflectivity, making them ideal for use alongside high-powered lasers.

Corrosion Resistance

As a noble metal, Gold is completely unreactive, and is fully resistant to corrosion and oxidisation. Gold platings provide components with extremely resilient and long-lasting coatings

Aesthetic Appeal

One of Gold’s most appealing characteristics is its uniquely prestigious appearance. Gold’s symbolic and cultural value makes it ideal for a range of applications where appearance is paramount, including jewellery, watches and decorative installments.

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