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Shop By Metric Thread Size.

Shop By Metric Thread Size

What are Shop By Metric Thread Size?

At Accu, we specialise in providing a wide array of metric-size screws tailored to meet the precise demands of any engineering project. From delicate electronics to robust industrial applications, our extensive selection ensures the perfect fit for small-scale tasks and heavy-duty requirements.

Our metric screw offerings range from M2, perfect for lightweight, precise applications in electronic assemblies, to M16, ideal for securing heavy loads in manufacturing and automotive industries. Each size is carefully crafted to deliver optimal performance and reliability, ensuring your components are fastened securely with the right balance of strength and precision.

Material Choices for Every Need.

We offer metric fasteners in a selection of durable materials from stainless steel (A2 & A4), best for resisting corrosion in harsh environments, to aluminium, combining strength with lightness, ideal where weight is a concern.

We also pride ourselves on supplying metric components in application-specific materials such as titanium, offering exceptional strength and corrosion resistance for high-stress settings, to nylon, excellent for electrical insulation and resistance to corrosion.

These material options are selected to enhance the performance of our fasteners under various environmental conditions, from indoor to outdoor, and in chemically challenging or physically demanding scenarios, all depending on your specific project needs.

Comprehensive Selection of Head and Drive Types.

If your project requires a specific head profile, our range also includes a diverse range of head types. From industry standard cap, button and countersunk options, to more complex specialist profiles including shoulder, grub and hand turn options.

To complement these, we also provide multiple drive types including Phillips, Torx, socket hex and slotted to name just a few, each designed to match the specific tools and torque requirements needed for effective assembly.

Customisable Bespoke Solutions.

In addition to our standard offerings, we provide specialised finishes such as AccuBlack for a sleek, matte black appearance and AccuLock for pre-applied thread locking patches to prevent loosening due to vibrations. We also cater to bespoke requirements, offering custom manufacturing options for unique specifications.


Q: How do I choose the right metric size for my project?.

A: Selecting the right metric thread size depends on the load requirements and material thickness of your project. Smaller sizes like M2 are suitable for lightweight, precise tasks, while larger sizes like M16 are ideal for applications requiring robust strength. Read our guide on how to measure a screw to find out which would be best for your project. 

Q: What are the differences between the head types available for metric thread fasteners?.

We offer several head types for our metric thread fasteners, each suited to different applications. To learn more about which head type would suit your project, take a look at our head type guide.

Bespoke Shop By Metric Thread Size Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Shop By Metric Thread Size to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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