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M4 Screws.

M4 Screws

What are M4 Screws?

M4 screws are precision-engineered fasteners, integral to a myriad of metric mechanical assemblies. Characterized by their M4 thread size, which denotes a 4mm outer diameter, these screws offer a perfect blend of strength and versatility.

They are adept at seamlessly integrating with other M4 components, offering secure and reliable connections in various applications. Their interaction with corresponding metric threads ensures a snug fit, essential for the integrity of any mechanical setup.

How M4 Machine Screws Work.

An M4 screw's effectiveness lies in its ability to be seamlessly installed into any M4 tapped thread or M4 nut. Once installed, the intricate mating of the threads allows them to be fastened to their recommended tightening torque to distribute load evenly and keep components held together.

M4 machine screws are workhorses in various industries, from electronics to aerospace. Their usage ranges from simple DIY projects to complex machinery. For instance, our M4 thumb screws can ensure removable panels are firmly held in place, all the while providing easy access and mitigating risks of dislodgement due to vibrations.

Materials of M4 Screws.

Accu's range of M4 screws comes in diverse materials like brass, high tensile steel, A2 & A4 stainless steel and innovative options like nylon and PEEK. Each material caters to specific needs: M4 brass screws offer aesthetic appeal while stainless steel offers a balance between strength and corrosion resistance.

Additionally, high-tensile steel ensures strength for load-bearing tasks while Nylon and PEEK provide lightweight alternatives for aviation and medical industries.

These material choices allow our M4 screws to adapt seamlessly to the environmental and mechanical demands of your project and its application areas.

Sizes, Types, and Finishes of M4 Screws.

Available in lengths from 4mm to 100mm, our M4 screw sizes cater to a broad spectrum of engineering requirements. They come in fully threaded, partially threaded, and specialized variants like flanged or m4 self-tapping screws.

Our M4 range also offers a wide variety of head profiles including M4 countersunk machine screws, M4 pan head screws, cap head, button head, grub, cheese head and many more depending on your project needs. M4 screws are also offered in diverse drive types including Hex, Socket, Phillips, Pozi, Slotted and Torx, ensuring compatibility with various installation tools.

For comparison, M4 countersunk machine screws offer the advantage of a flush surface finish when installed into a countersink hole. On the other hand, M4 pan head screws and cap head screws offer a flat surface which excels in distributing the load evenly upon installation.

Lastly, unique finishes such as AccuLock thread locking patches and AccuBlack chemical blackening can enhance your M4 screw functionality. AccuLock is a pre-applied thread lock which can increase resistance under vibrations and AccuBlack offers a matte black chemical-resistant coating.


Q: What is meant by M4 screw?.

A: An M4 screw refers to a screw with a 4mm major diameter measured across the threads on the shaft, commonly used for precision fastening in various applications. To discover all other metrics for M4 screw dimensions give our metric bolt size chart a read.

Q: How much can an M4 screw hold?.

A: The load capacity of an M4 screw varies based on material selection, design, ambient temperature and many other factors, but is generally suitable for medium-duty applications in both domestic and industrial settings. For specific concerns regarding your project, speak to our team of engineers.

Q: Which is bigger, M3 or M4 screws?.

A: M4 screws are larger, with a 4mm diameter, compared to the 3mm diameter of M3 screws.

Q: How do I know if my screw is M4?.

A: First you'll need to know how to measure a screw. Then, with a pair of callipers, measure the outer diameter of the screw's threads. If it's 4mm, then it's an M4 screw.

Q: What screwdriver for M4 screw?.

A: There isn't a specific screwdriver for an M4 screw as your choice in screwdriver type depends solely on the drive type of the screw head. This can be Hex, Phillips, Socket, Pozi, Torx and many others.

Bespoke M4 Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of M4 Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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