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M2.5 Screws.

M2.5 Screws

What are M2.5 Screws?

M2.5 screws are a fundamental component in precision engineering, known for their 2.5mm metric thread size. These screws are meticulously designed to interface seamlessly with corresponding M2.5 components, offering a reliable and secure fastening solution.

The precision tolerances of Accu's M2.5 screws ensure optimal engagement with threaded holes, making them ideal for applications where precision is paramount. Their versatility is enhanced by the various head types available, such as countersunk, cap, pan head and more, which cater to different assembly aesthetics and requirements.

How M2.5 Screws Work.

M2.5 screws are instrumental across numerous industries, from electronics to aerospace. These screws are crucial in applications requiring precise dimensional tolerances and reliable performance.

For instance, in the assembly of consumer electronics, M2.5 screws are used to secure components in compact spaces, ensuring device integrity and durability. Their installation not only provides mechanical stability but also electrical continuity in cases involving metallic screws or isolation with plastic variants.

What Material M2.5 Screws Are Made From.

Your choice of material composition for M2.5 screws significantly influences their application and performance. Available in brass, high tensile steel, A2 & A4 stainless steel, titanium, and even advanced polymers like nylon and PEEK, each material offers unique benefits.

Stainless steel screws provide corrosion resistance essential for outdoor or harsh environments, while titanium screws offer strength with weight savings, crucial for aerospace applications. Nylon and PEEK screws are preferred in electrical and thermal insulation applications, highlighting the importance of selecting the right material for specific operational conditions.

What Size & Type M2.5 Screws Are Available.

Accu's M2.5 screws come in a range of lengths from 3mm to 40mm, accommodating various workpiece thicknesses and assembly requirements. The screws are available in several head styles including cap, button, pan, countersunk, grub and many more, catering to different installation needs and aesthetic preferences.

Special finishes such as the AccuLock thread locking patches ensure a secure fit against loosening, while AccuBlack chemical blackening offers enhanced corrosion resistance and visual appeal. This versatility ensures that whatever the engineering requirement, there is an M2.5 screw to meet your project needs.


Q: What size is an M2.5 screw in mm?.

A: The "M" in M2.5 screw size denotes a metric sizing, where the number 2.5 refers to the thread diameter in millimetres. Therefore, an M2.5 screw has a major (outer) thread diameter of 2.5mm. The m2.5 screw size can vary in length, in Accu's case, ranging from as short as 3mm to as long as 40 mm, accommodating a variety of applications. These m2.5 screw dimensions make them highly versatile for precise tasks in areas like electronics, mechanics and manufacturing.

Bespoke M2.5 Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of M2.5 Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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