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M8 Screws.

M8 Screws

What are M8 Screws?

M8 screws, essential precision engineering components, are characterised by their "M8" metric thread size, corresponding to an 8mm major diameter.

This specification allows for a perfect fit with other threaded components such as M8 nuts or pre-tapped holes, creating secure and dependable fastenings. Ideal for heavy-duty fixing applications requiring precise alignment and strong joints.

How M8 Size Screws Work.

M8-size screws are highly versatile and are used extensively in different sectors. For example, in mechanical engineering, M8 grub screws play a crucial role in precision assemblies, such as affixing gears to motor shafts, where a secure fit without protrusion is essential.

On the other end of the spectrum, in woodworking, M8 coach screws are invaluable for their ability to fasten large timbers and other hefty materials securely, benefiting from their robust construction to withstand the stresses of structural applications.

These specific applications exemplify how M8 screws are tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries, ensuring functionality and strength in every use.

Materials of M8 Screws.

The materials used in Accu's range of M8 screws are as diverse as their applications: from Brass and Aluminium for lighter duties to A2 & A4 Stainless Steel environments requiring corrosion resistance and strength.

Advanced materials like Titanium offer amazing strength-to-weight ratios. Plastics like Nylon and PEEK are chosen for specific scenarios needing insulation or resistance to chemical and thermal stresses.

Each material Accu offers is selected to optimise the performance of your chosen M8 screws in their specific project.

Sizes & Types of M8 Screws.

Accu's M8 screws are available in lengths ranging from 8mm to 300mm, catering to a broad spectrum of engineering needs. We also offer coarse thread and fine thread pitches for every specific project need.

The variety extends to head types such as M8 countersunk screws, hexagon head, pan head, button head, cap head, grub and more, each chosen based on the application's aesthetic and functional requirements. Specialised variants like M8 thumb screws and M8 machine screws offer solutions for manual adjustments or mechanical applications, respectively.

Additionally, Accu offers enhanced finishes for these screws such as AccuLock thread locking patches for added protection against vibration and loosening along with AccuBlack chemical blackening for improved blacked-out aesthetics.

So, whether you're securing heavy machinery or fine electronics, Accu's M8 screw sizes, types and materials are tailored to meet your rigorous engineering challenges.


Q: What size screw is an M8?.

A: An M8 screw is a metric-sized screw with a diameter of 8mm. In terms of the M8 screw size in mm, this measurement pertains to the outer diameter of the thread, making it a substantial choice for applications requiring medium-duty fastening.

Q: What is M8 in mm?.

A: An M8 screw size in mm is 8 millimetres. When discussing the M8 screw size in mm, it specifically means that the external thread diameter of the screw measures approximately 8 mm. This sizing is crucial for matching with the correct nuts and tapped holes to ensure compatibility.

Bespoke M8 Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of M8 Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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