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M16 Screws.

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M16 Screws

What are M16 Screws?

M16 screws are robust, precision-engineered fasteners critical to numerous engineering applications, distinguished by their 16mm outer diameter thread size. These screws are designed for high-strength requirements, offering a superior blend of durability and precision. Their compatibility with M16 threaded components ensures a tight and secure connection, crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of complex assemblies.

How M16 Screws Work.

The functionality of M16 screws lies in their ability to be efficiently installed into an M16 tapped thread or matched with an M16 nut. This pairing is vital as it allows the screws to be tightened to their optimum torque, thus evenly distributing the load and securing components robustly.

M16 size screws are indispensable across various sectors, including manufacturing, automotive and heavy machinery. For example, in bridge construction, M16 carriage bolts provide secure joints between heavy steel structures, effectively resisting shear and tension forces.

Materials of M16 Screws.

Accu's range of M16 screws are available in several materials, each chosen for its specific properties to suit different environmental and mechanical stresses. Options include various Stainless Steel, including A2 & A4 for excellent corrosion resistance, High Tensile Steel for superior strength and Brass for electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. These material choices allow the M16 screws to perform reliably in environments ranging from corrosive marine applications to high-stress mechanical assemblies.

Sizes, Types, and Finishes of M16 Screws.

Our M16 screw lengths come in a variety of sizes from 14mm to 600mm to suit diverse project requirements. Additionally, the head variants on offer start from traditional cap heads or hex heads to more specialised profiles such as countersunk, grub, carriage and eye. Lastly, to install your M16 screws you can choose from hex socket, hexagonal head and slotted drive types.

Additionally, Accu also offers specialised finishes like AccuLock thread locking patches, which secure the threads against loosening from vibrations, and AccuBlack chemical blackening for enhanced aesthetics and a sleek blacked-out appearance.


Q: What does M16 stand for?.

A: "M16" refers to the metric designation of the screw, indicating that it has a thread diameter of 16 millimetres. The "M" stands for metric, and the number that follows specifies the nominal diameter of the screw's thread.

Q: Is M16 larger than M14?.

A: Yes, an M16 screw is larger than an M14 screw. The M16 has a thread diameter of 16 millimetres, whereas the M14 has a thread diameter of 14 millimetres. The difference affects both the size and the potential load capacity of the screws, with the M16 typically used for applications requiring a stronger, larger fastener.

Bespoke M16 Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of M16 Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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