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M14 Screws.

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M14 Screws

What are M14 Screws?

M14 screws are precision-engineered fasteners, fundamental to numerous mechanical assemblies requiring metric measurements. With a 14mm thread diameter, these screws are a testament to strength and adaptability, ensuring a secure fit and superb load distribution in various applications. Designed for compatibility, M14 screws engage flawlessly with corresponding M14 components, solidifying the mechanical integrity of any assembly.

How M14 Bolts & Screws Work.

The utility of M14 bolts & screws extends across diverse sectors such as automotive, manufacturing and industrial machinery, showcasing their versatility. These screws are designed to fit perfectly into M14 tapped threads or M14 nuts, achieving optimal performance when tightened to their specified torque. This tight fit distributes forces evenly, crucial for maintaining component alignment and ensuring structural stability under operational stresses.

For example, in structural engineering, M14 bolts can be employed to secure heavy beams and frameworks, offering reliability essential for safety and longevity. In automotive applications, they are indispensable for assembling critical engine components, where failure is non-negotiable.

What Material M14 Screws Are Made From.

Accu's range of M14 screws is available in several materials, each selected for its specific properties to suit different environmental and mechanical demands. Stainless Steel A2 and A4 variants offer corrosion resistance and are ideal for outdoor or marine applications where screws are exposed to harsh elements.

High Tensile Steel is chosen for applications where superior strength is necessary, supporting the integrity of the entire assembly under stress. These materials ensure that each M14 screw provides the reliability and performance expected in precision engineering.

What Size and Type M14 Screws Are Available.

Our M14 screw lengths range from 10mm to 200mm, accommodating a wide spectrum of assembly depths and requirements.

Variants such as Countersunk, Cap Head, and Hexagonal Bolt Head cater to different aesthetic and functional needs. The Countersunk heads are perfect when a flush surface is needed, while Cap Heads provide a higher profile but offer more torque capacity.

Special finishes like AccuLock thread locking patches enhance the screw's resistance to loosening under vibration, and AccuBlack chemical blackening offers a matt black finish which reduces light reflection. Custom manufacturing options are also available to meet specific project requirements.


Q: What does M14 stand for?.

A: M14 refers to the metric thread size of the screw, which is 14 millimetres in diameter. This measurement is taken as the outer diameter of the thread, indicating the size of the screw. The "M" in M14 denotes that it is a metric screw, which is part of the international metric system used to standardise measurements in engineering and manufacturing.

Q: Is M14 larger than M12?.

A: Yes, M14 is larger than M12. The M14 screw has a diameter of 14 millimetres, whereas the M12 screw has a diameter of 12 millimetres. This difference in diameter means that M14 screws provide a larger surface area and are capable of handling more load and tension compared to M12 screws. This makes M14 a more suitable choice for applications requiring stronger fastening capabilities.

Bespoke M14 Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of M14 Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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