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M10 Screws.

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M10 Screws

What are M10 Screws?

What Are M10 Screws?.

M10 screws are specifically designed precision fasteners with a 10mm major diameter, pivotal for robust assemblies in precision engineering. Unlike smaller models, M10 screws are tailored for high-strength applications, offering a sturdy connection that supports heavier loads without compromise. The meticulous design of their threads allows for perfect integration with M10 matching components, ensuring a tight fit that is crucial for the durability and safety of engineering projects.

How M10 Screws Work.

M10 screws are instrumental in securing components in environments where structural integrity cannot be compromised. For example, in the construction of solar panel frames, M10 grub screws are preferred for their ability to withstand environmental stresses such as wind, rain and vibrations. The screws' interaction with M10 nuts or tapped holes allows them to be fastened to precise torque specifications, thereby maintaining the stability and alignment of the panels.

In carpentry settings, such as timber framing or decking, M10 coach screws are employed to fit heavy load-bearing joists in place, ideal for where reliability is paramount.

Materials of M10 Screws.

Our M10 screws come in a variety of materials each suited for specific operational conditions. Stainless steel variants are commonly used in marine and outdoor applications where corrosion is a concern.

Aluminium M10 screws are selected for aerospace and automotive industries due to their lightweight nature, contributing to fuel efficiency and performance.

For electronic applications where insulation and low weight are crucial, PEEK and Nylon screws offer superior performance by preventing conductivity and reducing mass without sacrificing strength.

Sizes, Types & Finishes of M10 Screws.

M10 screws at Accu are not just versatile in material but also in their design. They range in length from 10mm to 500mm and include a variety of M10 screw head sizes and types such as countersunk, cap, pan, grub, button, flanged and hexagon head tailored to specific assembly requirements. The Flanged head, for instance, is ideal for distributing the load across a wider area, making it perfect for thin sheet materials in automotive exteriors.

Our entire range of M10 screws is available with innovative drive types like the Hex Socket and Torx, facilitating easier installations and higher torque transfer amongst traditional drive types such as slotted, Pozi and Phillips.

Lastly, in terms of finishes, our AccuLock thread lock patches enhance thread security, crucial for applications exposed to high vibration, while our AccuBlack finish provides a sleek, professional blacked-out appearance, ideal for blending components into a black environment. These specialized finishes ensure that Accu's M10 screws not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of precision engineering projects.


Q: Is M10 the same as 10mm?.

A: Yes, M10 refers to a metric thread size where the "10" indicates a 10mm outer diameter of the thread. It's important to note that M10 specifically relates to the diameter of the thread itself, not the length or head size of the screw.

For detailed specifications, including the full m10 thread dimensions, please visit our comprehensive spec sheet covering all M-size metric bolt thread dimensions.

Q: Is M8 bigger than M10?.

A: No, M8 is not bigger than M10. The "M" number in metric thread sizes indicates the diameter of the screw's thread in millimetres. Therefore, an M8 has an 8mm diameter, making it smaller than the 10mm diameter of an M10.

Bespoke M10 Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of M10 Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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