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M2 Screws.

M2 Screws

What are M2 Screws?

M2 screws are small precision-engineered fasteners critical for numerous miniature applications. Characterised by their M2 screw size designation, these components offer a 2mm outer (major) diameter, blending a compact size with precise tolerances. Ideal for intricate assemblies, Accu's M2 screws ensure tight and secure fits, crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of any engineered project.

How M2 Screws Work.

The operational efficiency of M2 metric screws lies in their ability to seamlessly engage with M2 tapped threads or nuts, facilitating reliable mechanical fastening. When positioned, the threads interact precisely, allowing the screws to be tightened to optimal torque.

This secure fastening is vital in applications ranging from delicate electronic devices to more substantial mechanical assemblies. For instance, M2 thumb screws are particularly useful for securing access panels that require frequent removal, ensuring they remain secure against vibrations.

Materials of M2 Screws.

Accu's range of M2 size screws are crafted from a variety of materials, each selected to enhance specific properties required by their application environments. Options include brass for its aesthetic and conductive properties, high tensile steel for superior strength, and stainless steel grades A2 & A4 for excellent corrosion resistance.

Additionally, plastic materials such as nylon and PEEK are used for their lightweight and high-strength characteristics, suitable for demanding sectors like aerospace and medical devices.

Sizes, Types, and Finishes of M2 Screws.

Our range is available with a variety of m2 screw dimensions, with lengths from 3mm to 40mm, catering to a wide range of assembly needs. We offer numerous thread types including fully threaded, partially threaded and specialised options like captive screws This variety extends to the m2 screw head sizes on offer as well, with choices from cap, button and pan head to countersunk and grub, each serving specific functional and aesthetic purposes.

M2 screws are also available with different drive types such as Hex Socket, Phillips, and Torx, accommodating various installation tools and preferences. In terms of finishes, enhancements like AccuLock thread locking is available to boost the screw’s performance in terms of resistance to loosening and environmental wear and AccuBlack chemical blackening for a blacked-out aesthetic.


Q: What size is an M2 screw?.

A: The size of an M2 screw in mm refers to its major thread diameter, which is precisely 2mm. The "M2" notation indicates that the m2 screw diameter conforms to the standard metric "M" thread size.

Q: What is the difference between M2 and M3 size screws?.

A: The main difference between M2 and M3 screws lies in their major nominal diameters. M2 screws have a diameter of 2mm, whereas M3 screws are slightly larger with a diameter of 3mm. This difference affects not only the size of the screw but also its strength and the size of the hole or nut required for installation. Generally, M3 screws can handle more torque and are used in applications needing a stronger hold than M2 screws can provide.

Q: How can I tell if a screw is M2 sized?.

A: To determine if a screw is M2 sized, measure the diameter of the threaded part of the screw. If the measurement is 2mm, it is an M2 screw.

Bespoke M2 Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of M2 Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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