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M6 Screws.

M6 Screws

What are M6 Screws?

M6 screws, a fundamental component in precision engineering, stand out with their unique M6 thread size, signifying a 6mm diameter along with a metric thread pitch. These screws are designed to interlock seamlessly with corresponding M6 threaded components, ensuring a secure and reliable fit.

M6 machine screws are integral in creating strong connections, especially in applications where precision and durability are paramount. Their interaction with other components, like M6 nuts or tapped holes, showcases engineering finesse, making them indispensable in a myriad of projects.

How M6 Size Screws Work.

M6 size screws are versatile players in the engineering world, used across various industries from automotive to aerospace. Their role is crucial in scenarios demanding high precision and strength.

For instance, in automotive assembly, M6 screws are used to fasten critical engine parts, where their robustness ensures an evenly distributed load and long-term reliability. In the aerospace setting, quite often, M6 countersunk screws are used on aeroplane fuselages to provide a flush fit and minimise drag.

These screws provide a balance of ease of use and secure fastening, making them ideal for both heavy-duty industrial applications and everyday engineering projects.

Material Composition of M6 Screws.

The diversity in materials used for M6 screws, including brass, high-tensile steel, A2 & A4 stainless steel, nylon, PEEK, and polycarbonate, speaks to their adaptability.

Each material offers unique benefits: for example, A2 & A4 stainless steel is renowned for its corrosion resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications, while nylon screws are preferred in electrical insulation tasks. This range of materials ensures that our M6 screws can be tailored to specific environmental and operational requirements, enhancing their application scope significantly for your project.

M6 Screw Size, Types and Finishes.

M6 screws come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a minimal 6mm to an extensive 220mm in length, catering to your diverse project needs. The drive types include hex, socket, slotted, Torx, Phillips and Pozi to name a few, each offering a different ease of use and security level.

In terms of head profile, Accu offers an amazing range including cap heads, pan heads, M6 countersunk screws, M6 grub screws and M6 thumb screws to pick just a few. All variants allow you the flexibility to pick the right profile for the specific task at hand.

Special finishes like AccuLock thread locking patches offer pre-applied thread lock and AccuBlack chemical blackening provides a matte black aesthetic look that also further enhances their functionality and resistance against corrosion.

M6 screws are part of a larger family of precision components. Similar products like M4 or M5 screws, each tailored for specific applications, offer a broader range of options for precision engineering needs. These can be cross-referenced as needed, depending on the specific requirements of your project.


Q: What size is an M6 screw?.

A: To know the size of an M6 screw, we need to know the M6 screw diameter in mm. The M6 screw size denotes a metric screw that has a thread diameter of 6mm measured across the peaks of the threads across the shaft. Our incredibly handy metric screw size chart has all other M6 screw dimensions in a handy chart which is perfect for bookmarking or printing out for your workshop.

Q: What screw types are M6?.

A: While there is no singular type of M6 screw, the one thing they all have in common is their diameter and pitch with the diameter being 6mm and pitch (distance between threads) being 1mm. M6 screws in general are available with various drive types including hex, socket, slotted, Torx, Phillips and Pozi along with unique profiles like the headless M6 grub screw, hand-operated M6 thumb screw, and flush fitting M6 countersunk screw for a few examples.

Q: How do I know if a screw is M6?.

A: To identify an M6 screw, you'll need to measure the screw's diameter across the threads. If it's 6mm, then it is likely to be an M6 screw. To be certain you can also measure the distance between the crests of the threads which should be 1mm. Be careful not to confuse M6 with #10 as they are very similar and could lead to cross-threading.

Q: What does M stand for in M6?.

A: In M6, the 'M' stands for metric, indicating that the screw's dimensions are measured in millimetres. The number '6' denotes the 6mm diameter of the screw's thread. This same logic applies to all M# type fasteners.

Q: Are all M6 screws the same?.

A: While all M6 screws have the same thread diameter of 6mm and pitch of 1mm, they differ in length, material, drive type, and finish. These variations cater to different applications and requirements.

Bespoke M6 Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of M6 Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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