Credit Account Criteria

A credit account is an agreement to payment terms wherein goods and services are supplied in advance of payment, with all payment settled on a monthly basis. As standard, all credit accounts with Accu Limited are on 30 day payment terms.

Accu Limited can offer credit terms to customers who have satisfied or exceeded the following criteria:

  • £1,000 total spend.
  • 12 months of trading with Accu.
  • Subject to credit approval.

Please note: A credit account is not required to place orders with Accu. Orders on conventional payment terms can be placed using our secure online store.

Credit Account Application

To apply for a credit account, please fill out the following form and email a completed copy to

Download Account Application

Terms and Conditions

Credit accounts with Accu Limited are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

Accu Limited Credit Account Terms and Conditions

Accu Limited General Terms and Conditions

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