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Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws.

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Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws

What are Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws?

Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws are specialised fasteners, designed with a unique knurled head that sets them apart within the broader family of shoulder screws. These highly precise components, engineered with tight dimensional tolerances, are optimised for use in precision assemblies, both in delicate instrumentation and high-stress industrial applications. The knurled shoulder provides a tactile grip surface, aiding manual adjustments and contributing to smooth automated assembly processes, all while serving as an axial bearing surface when installed.

How Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws Work.

Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws interact with a mating imperial thread, whether that be a pre-tapped hole or a corresponding imperial nut. The knurling on the shoulder provides an enhanced surface for tool or finger grip, promoting easy and secure installation while reducing the risk of slip or cross-threading. Furthermore, the cylindrical shoulder with its accurate diameter and length tolerances serves as a bearing surface, aligning components, or allowing relative motion in high-precision applications. This dual-functionality, combined with a socket drive for optimal torque control, positions Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws as a vital tool for precision fastening, rivalling even the likes of high-grade Socket Cap Screws.

What Our Material Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws Are Made From.

Accu's Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws are manufactured using A2 Stainless Steel or A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. These materials offer excellent mechanical properties, including tensile strength and yield strength, and exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance. To meet diverse application requirements, Accu also offers additional finishes such as the AccuBlack, a robust and aesthetically pleasing coating designed to reduce reflections, and the Thread Locking Patches for applications involving high-vibration environments where screw loosening could pose a significant risk.

What Size and Type Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws Are Available?.

Accu offers Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws in a broad range of sizes, from a thread size of 1/8 inch for detailed, smaller-scale tasks up to the more robust thread size of No. 10 for heavy-duty industrial applications. With shoulder diameters between 1/8 inch to 1 1/2 inch and lengths between 1/8 inch to 8 inch our range is sure to have something to match your project needs. Our catalogue encompasses an assortment of drive types, material choices and finishes, delivering a solution for every requirement.


Q: Why are Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws superior to other screw types?.

A: Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws bring forth a unique combination of a knurled shoulder head for increased gripping surface and an axial bearing surface for alignment or relative motion. These characteristics, together with the precise control over torque provided by the socket drive, make these screws an excellent choice for precise and demanding applications.

Q: Can Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws endure harsh environmental conditions?.

A: Indeed, thanks to their A2 Stainless Steel and A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel construction, Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws are highly resistant to corrosion and weathering, making them suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

Q: What tools are required for the installation of Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws?.

A: A socket drive tool is typically used for the installation of Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws. This type of tool provides excellent torque control, minimising the risk of over-tightening and subsequent thread stripping.

Q: How do I choose the correct Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screw size for my project?.

A: Selecting the correct screw size involves assessing various aspects of your application, including the thickness of the material being fastened, the requirements for load-bearing capacity, and the dimensions of the mating thread (pre-drilled hole or nut).

Q: Does Accu enforce a minimum order quantity for Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws?.

A: Accu prides itself on accommodating a wide variety of customer needs, allowing the purchase of as few as one unit, or bulk orders for thousands of Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws.

Bespoke Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Knurled Shoulder Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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