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Imperial Torx Pan Head Screws.

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Imperial Torx Pan Head Screws

What are Imperial Torx Pan Head Screws?

Accu’s Imperial Torx Pan Head Screws are a type of machine screw fitted with a Torx Drive, also commonly referred to as a Star Drive. Torx Screws like this are designed for higher torque applications and provide increased resistance to cam-out over traditional drives such as Flat Head or Phillips Head screws.

As its name suggests, the Pan Head of this type of Torx Screw is similar in shape to an upside down frying pan. The top of the head is either flat or slightly rounded, with straight sides free from sharp or pointed edges.

Imperial Torx Pan Head Screws are compatible with our range of Torx Drive Bits, in Torx size T5 up to T50. Alternatively, a Torx Screwdriver, also commonly known as a Star Screwdriver, can also be used to install and remove this type of Pan Head Screw.


Imperial Torx Pan Screws are manufactured in A2 Stainless Steel with additional finishes, such as Chemical Blackening and Thread Locking Patches available as required.

Imperial Sizes.

Accu’s Imperial Torx Pan Head Screws are available in thread sizes ranging from from No. 4 up to ⅜” and thread lengths of ¼” to 1.½”.

Metric Sizes.

Accu also lists Metric Torx Pan Head Screws in Bumax 88, A2 and A4 Stainless Steel, in thread sizes M1.6 to M10.

Bespoke Imperial Torx Pan Head Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Torx Pan Head Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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