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Threaded Plugs.

Threaded Plugs

What are Threaded Plugs?

Elevate your precision engineering projects with Accu's range of threaded plugs. Acting as a mainstay in mechanical engineering, threaded plugs are designed to seal or close off threaded holes or openings effectively instead of bolts. Renowned for their capacity to provide robust thread protection, these versatile components are a necessity in industries ranging from aerospace to manufacturing.

How Threaded Plugs Work.

Engineered for utility and durability, plastic threaded hole plugs function by threading into a pre-existing hole, offering not just a snug fit but also an effective seal against environmental elements. Their design attributes vary from o-ring thread protection plugs, which provide a high-quality seal, to quick-fit threaded hole plugs designed for ease of application, and slottex threaded plugs which provide an alternative drive method. Their functionality extends from thread protection to acting as a temporary or permanent hole seal, meeting a myriad of engineering requirements.

What Material Threaded Plugs are Made From.

Accu's Threaded Plugs are fabricated from high-grade materials such as high and low-density polyethylene and polyamide, each serving specific industrial needs. While polyethylene variants offer excellent impact resistance, polyamide plastic threaded plugs are ideal for applications requiring high tensile strength. Available in colours such as blue, red, yellow, and white, our threaded plugs not only perform but also comply with colour-coding standards in complex assemblies.

What Size and Type Threaded Plugs are Available.

Sizing is integral to the efficiency of threaded plugs. Accu provides these essential components in a wide range of sizes, starting from the smaller M8 (8mm) to the more robust M38 (38mm) variants. Whether you need thread protection plugs for intricate machine components or threaded hole plugs for larger assemblies, our size spectrum covers your engineering needs.

For those with specialised applications, we also offer related products like hole plugs and end caps which can seamlessly integrate with exposed threads for enhanced protection.


What are threaded plugs used for?.

Threaded plugs are primarily used to seal or close off threaded holes in various engineering applications. They also serve as thread protection plugs, safeguarding threads from damage or contamination.

What are the different types of threaded plugs?.

Accu offers O ring plugs, quick-fit plugs and slottex plugs, each type serves specific sealing and ease-of-use requirements, offering a variety of options for diverse engineering tasks.

What is the difference between a threaded plug and a cap?.

While plugs are designed to seal threaded holes from the inside, caps are engineered to cover the end of a protruding threaded rod, bolt, or pipe. Caps provide external protection, whereas thread protection plugs offer internal sealing.

Are Accu's Threaded Plugs compatible with high-temperature applications?.

The material selection, such as high and low-density polyethylene and polyamide, ensures that Accu's threaded plugs can withstand varying degrees of temperature, although it is advisable to consult technical data sheets for specific temperature tolerances.

Do I have to buy in bulk?.

No, Accu accommodates diverse needs, offering the flexibility to purchase anything from a single-threaded end plug to a bulk order of millions. By sourcing your threaded hole plugs from Accu, you're investing in precision-engineered components that elevate the quality and efficiency of your engineering projects.

Bespoke Threaded Plugs Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Threaded Plugs to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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