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Pipe Thread Plugs.

Pipe Thread Plugs

What are Pipe Thread Plugs?

Threaded pipe plugs, an integral component when it comes to precision engineering, are designed to seal off the ends of internally threaded pipes, ensuring a secure closure. Acting as an indispensable pipe stopper, these plugs are crafted to provide tight-fitting solutions, primarily to block or redirect the flow of materials within pipelines. Whether referred to as pipe caps and plugs or pipe stoppers, their primary objective remains consistent: ensuring optimal sealing and flow regulation.

How Threaded Pipe Plugs Work.

At the heart of a threaded pipe plug's functionality lies its interaction with the internal threads of a pipe or fitting. By being screwed into place, either manually by hand or with a tool, they provide a robust and dependable seal. Our range of threaded pipe plugs and caps, from standard to quick-release and sealing types, offers adaptability in all engineering applications. Whether you require a quick-access pipe stopper plug for maintenance or a sealing variant for long-term security, the choice is vast and tailored to fit specific engineering requirements.

What Material Threaded Pipe Plugs Are Made From.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) serves as the primary material for our threaded pipe stoppers, ensuring durability, resilience, and optimum sealing capabilities. HDPE's robust properties render it resistant to many chemical reactions, making it an ideal choice for varied environments. Furthermore, the selection of colours such as red, yellow, and black not only provides visual identification but also aligns with industry-specific colour coding systems.

What Size and Type of Threaded Pipe Plugs Are Available.

At Accu, we understand the importance of specificity in precision engineering. Our threaded pipe plug offerings range from the compact M8 (8mm) size for more delicate applications to the sturdy M20 (20mm) variant for more demanding tasks. This breadth caters to diverse engineering requirements, ensuring optimal fit every time. Thread types encompass UNC, UNF, and BSP, allowing for broad compatibility. And, for the ease of our clients, these plugs can be installed using simple tools like a flat-head screwdriver, socket set, or even by hand.


Q: What is a pipe plug used for?.

A: A pipe plug, often referred to as a pipe stopper or pipe stopper plug, is primarily used to seal the end of a pipe, blocking off or redirecting the flow of gases or liquids.

Q: What size are standard pipe plugs?.

A: Standard pipe plugs at Accu are available in sizes ranging from M8 (8mm) to M20 (20mm). However, the exact size required would depend on the specifications of the pipe you intend to seal.

Q: How do you measure a pipe plug?.

A: Pipe plugs are typically measured by their diameter and thread type. For instance, an M8 threaded pipe plug indicates a diameter of 8mm with a metric thread.

Q: Can I use these as gas pipe blanking plugs?.

A: No, although our sealing threaded range is suitable for ensuring a secure and tight seal. Our plugs are not pressure tested or certified to be used as gas pipe blanking plugs.

Q: Do threaded pipe plugs come in variants other than HDPE?.

A: Our primary material for threaded pipe plugs is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). However, based on demand and specific application needs, alternative materials can be available via our custom manufacturing process. It's always recommended to discuss this with our team for custom requirements.

Bespoke Pipe Thread Plugs Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Pipe Thread Plugs to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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