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Hole Plugs & Stoppers.

Hole Plugs & Stoppers

What are Hole Plugs & Stoppers?

Engineered for finesse and functionality, hole plugs and stoppers are quintessential components designed to seal or cover openings in a variety of materials. These versatile items serve multiple purposes, including aesthetic enhancements, protecting against debris ingress, and ensuring safety by covering sharp edges.

Whether you require hole plugs for a high-vibration environment or cap plugs for a cosmetic finish, Accu offers an array of solutions tailored to your precision engineering needs.

How Hole Plugs and Stoppers Work.

The operational efficacy of hole plugs and stoppers is largely determined by their design and the material they mate with. Types such as push fit and ribbed are designed for easy installation and secure fit, while anti-vibration and heavy-duty variants offer enhanced performance in challenging conditions. Finally, pull tab types provide for effortless removal when needed. Regardless of the type, each plug or stopper ensures a snug fit, eliminating the need for additional fasteners or adhesives.

What Materials Hole Plugs and Stoppers Are Made From.

Our hole plugs and stoppers are fabricated from premium-grade materials including low-density polyethylene, PVC, vinyl, and polypropylene. These materials are chosen for their optimal balance between durability and flexibility. For instance, polypropylene offers resistance to chemicals, making it ideal for industrial applications. PVC and vinyl are versatile materials well-suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.

What Size and Type of Hole Plugs and Stoppers Are Available.

Accu provides a comprehensive range of hole plugs and stoppers, accommodating sizes as small as 1.6mm to as large as 99.5mm. Whether you’re in search of screw hole plugs for tiny apertures or tube stoppers for larger openings, we have it covered. And if you have a preference for metric measurements, rest assured that our inventory caters to your specific needs.


Q: What are hole plugs?.

A: Hole plugs are engineered components used to securely seal or cover openings in various materials. They serve multiple purposes such as protecting against debris and enhancing aesthetic appeal.

Q: How do you hide holes in metal?.

A: To conceal holes in metal, you can use screw hole plugs or cap plugs, which offer a neat finish while also protecting against rust and debris.

Q: Are there different types of hole plugs and stoppers?.

A: Yes, Accu offers a diverse range of types including push fit, ribbed, anti-vibration, barrel, heavy-duty, and pull tab to cater to different application requirements.

Q: What materials are hole plugs and stoppers made of?.

A: They are made from materials such as low-density polyethylene, PVC, vinyl, and polypropylene, each with its own set of advantages suited for specific applications.

Q: Can I purchase hole plugs and stoppers in custom sizes?.

A: Accu offers a wide range of sizes, from 1.6mm to 99.5mm, to meet diverse engineering needs. However, for custom sizes, it is best to contact our sales team for further assistance as we do offer custom manufacturing options for each product we sell.

Bespoke Hole Plugs & Stoppers Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Hole Plugs & Stoppers to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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