Drive Bits & Screwdrivers 

Drive Bits & Screwdrivers

What are Drive Bits & Screwdrivers?

Drive Bits & Bit Kits

Our Drive Bits range includes a wide variety of high-quality components for installing screws. These individual components are made from high tensile steel and feature an industry standard quarter inch retaining hexagon, making them interchangeable and ideal for use with our Magnetic Drive Bit Holders. Drive bits are designed to fit into the end of a driver, such as an electric drill or hand-operated screwdriver. Accu also stocks a range of iFixit Drive Bit Sets which are manufactured from high strength 6150 steel. 

iFixit Screwdriver Kits 

This range of iFixit Driver kits includes Pro Tech Standard Screwdriver Sets. This kit contains flat-head and Phillips drivers with rubber handles and a swivel top for maximum comfort when working with small screws. 

The Pro Tech Speciality Screwdriver Sets are also designed for high precision applications and ergonomics when working with small screws. This set also includes a Torx and a Tri-point screwdriver, also known as a Y 0.6mm Tri Wing Driver. The set includes the popular P6, P2 and P5 Pentalobe screwdrivers which are often needed for electronic devices such as laptops. 

IFixit Security Torx Screwdriver Sets are a high precision torx screwdriver kit which includes size T6 to T10 drivers. This torx security set is commonly used to open games consoles as it includes the popular size T9 security torx screwdriver for PS4 controllers and hardware. These drivers are also compatible with Accu’s range of Security Torx Screws


Accu stocks a range of cost effective wrenches including the popular insize Torque Wrenches for applying the correct amount of torque. For higher precision applications, there is a range of Digital Torque Wrenches to allow for greater precision during installation. Accu also has a range of allen keys, which are compatible with our machine screw ranges, and are ideal for low-quantity installations and small-scale projects. 

Bespoke Drive Bits & Screwdrivers Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Drive Bits & Screwdrivers to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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