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What are Spanners?

Accu’s range of Spanners, also known as Wrenches or a Spanner Wrench, includes the popular Wera Jokers which are renowned for their limit stop for greater applied torque and holding function to avoid slippage or dropping of the fastener.

Ratchet Spanners.

Accu’s Ratchet Spanners feature a small return angle for easier installation even in tight spaces, effectively making the need to flip the tool redundant. The Wera Joker 6000 range of Combination Spanners are fitted with a ring shaped ratchet, featuring 80 fine teeth and a 30° return angle, whilst the Joker 6001 Combination Spanners boast a 15° return angle and are fitted with a Switch Lever allowing ratcheting in either direction.

Ring Spanners.

A Ring Spanner is fitted with a looped side, also known as the Ring End, which features small teeth designed to grip the fastener head from all sides during rotation. The Wera Joker 6003 Combination Ring Spanner boasts a double hex geometry on both the Open End and the slim profile Ring End for a more secure connection, whilst also affording a 15° crank to the tool axis to prevent injury.

Adjustable Spanners.

Accu can supply Wera Joker Self-Setting Spanners, allowing users to adjust the spanner size automatically to install the respective screw, nut or bolt. Sizes start from XS (for spanner sizes 7-10mm) all the way to XXL (24-32mm).

Bespoke Spanners Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Spanners to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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