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Wera Joker 6000 Combination Ratchet Spanners.

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Wera Joker 6000 Combination Ratchet Spanners

What are Wera Joker 6000 Combination Ratchet Spanners?

The Wera Joker 6000 Series Combination Ratchet Spanners have been uniquely engineered to work faster and more efficiently than your average spanner or wrench, whilst offering a stylish, modern aesthetic that makes them easily recognisable to engineers.

Suitable for driving Hex Head Screws, Hexagon Bolts and Hex Nuts, the Joker Combination Ratchet Spanner boasts an integrated limit stop to prevent slipping and allow for higher torque to be safely applied to the fastener.

Joker Spanners feature a double-hex geometry which affords a perfect fit with the Bolt or Nut. This results in a reliable holding function to effectively avoid dropping the fastener, with the hardened metal plate in the jaw of the spanner biting into the material for a strong grip.

This ratcheting combination Joker Spanner features a return angle of just 30°, making the need to flip the tool over redundant.

The ratchet mechanism at the ring shaped end of this Joker Combination Spanner features 80 teeth. This fine tooth mechanism, combined with the small return angle, offers flexibility even in confined workspaces.


Wera 6000 Joker Combination Ratcheting Spanners are manufactured in high performance chrome molybdenum steel and feature a nickel-chrome coating for strong corrosion protection.

Joker Spanner Sizes.

Ratchet Spanners in this range are available in open end spanner sizes starting from 8mm up to 19mm. With Wera’s “Take it easy" Tool Finder, each spanner is colour coded according to its size for fast and simple tool selection.

Bespoke Wera Joker 6000 Combination Ratchet Spanners Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Wera Joker 6000 Combination Ratchet Spanners to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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