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Drive Bits.

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Drive Bits

What are Drive Bits?

Accu has a large range of individual Drive Bits which are designed to fit into the end of a hand operated screwdriver or electric drill. The vast majority of Bits feature a ¼” retaining hexagon for securing into the screwdriver tool, with alternative socket sizes available for specialist bits.

Standard Bits.

Within our standard range of Drive Bits is the popular Torx Bit, featuring a Hexalobular shaped drive that allows for high torque transmission and increased resistance to cam-out.

Accu also stocks more traditional drive types, such as Phillips and Pozi Bits, as well as the Square Head (Robertson Drive) Bit which was initially designed as an improvement upon the Slotted Drive (Flat Head) to discourage driver disengagement. 

Security Drive Bits.

For applications where tamper-proof security drives are required, we stock a range of Security Bits, such as Hex Security Bits, Security Pin Torx Bits and Snake Eye Security Bits, which are also known as 2Hole.

Hafren Security Drive Bits.

Accu is an approved distributor of Hafren Security Fasteners range of specialist tamper-resistant fasteners, drive bits and installation tools. Included within this high security range are the Scroll™ Driver Tool, 5-Lobe Pin Bits and both the Kinmar® Permanent and Removable Driver Sockets.

Please note that Kinmar® Removable Driver Sockets are available only upon special request - please speak to a member of our team to enquire on pricing and availabilty of this tooling.

Wera Screwdriver Bits.

Wera have become known as the ‘Tool Rebels’ within the fastener industry, developing new solutions to difficult problems. Along with stocking a range of their Steel Drive Bits, including Bits for Assy Screws and Ball End Hex Bits, Accu is also able to supply a standard range of Wera’s Vacuum Ice Hardened Stainless Steel Bits, designed specifically to prevent extraneous rust forming, whilst meeting the required industrial hardness.

Drive Bit Sets.

For Drive Bit Sets we also stock the high-precision range of iFixit Driver Bit Kits, along with the iFixit Screwdriver Kits.


Bits within this range are manufactured from Hardened Steel and Stainless Steel as standard.

Bespoke Drive Bits Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Drive Bits to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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