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Drive Bit Sets.

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Drive Bit Sets

What are Drive Bit Sets?

Accu’s range of Drive Bit Sets compliments our wide selection of Precision Screws, in particular our range of Micro Screws and precision machine screws.

iFixit Driver Bit Set Materials.

Each of the Bits is manufactured from 6150 Steel and works perfectly with the Knurled Grip Screwdrivers made from Anodized Aluminium. With the swivel top and magnetised bit holder, these premium quality screwdrivers are built for ease-of-use and a more comfortable feel when screw turning.

Peace Of Mind With The iFixit Lifetime Warranty.

The iFixit Driver Bit Kits are engineered to last and so each comes with a Lifetime Warranty as standard. This means if something breaks, we will replace it free-of-charge.

Driver Bit Kits Built To Last.

Each iFixit Driver Kit also comes with a handy magnetised case, which is robust, with a sleek, minimalistic look and feel. This easy-to-open case was also designed to help easily sort small engineering components thanks to the integrated dividers. For the most comprehensive kit, suitable for extensive repair work with a wide variety of screw drive types, the Manta 112-Bit Driver Kit is the ideal bit set. For a more compact, but comprehensive set of bits, the Mako 64 Bit Driver Kit is perfect for fixing most electronic devices, whilst the Mahi 48-Bit Driver Kit is equipped for the toughest projects fixing bigger devices with ¼ inch Steel Driver Bits.

Electronics Repair Kits and Solutions.

Accu also stocks iFixit’s most popular repair tools, kits and accessories for repairing electronic devices. The Essential Electronics Toolkit is an ideal starter set for home repairs and DIY projects fixing everyday electronic devices and small appliances, whilst the Pro Tech Toolkit offers a complete set of drive bits, opening tools and accessories for high-performance, precise repair work

Bespoke Drive Bit Sets Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Drive Bit Sets to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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