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Philidas Locking Nuts.

Philidas Locking Nuts

What are Philidas Locking Nuts?

Philidas nuts, a paragon in the fastening world, offer an all-metal self-locking mechanism that ensures unparalleled torque retention. These nuts defy the conventional concept of a lock nut by incorporating a unique design featuring a slotted crown.

Serving as an essential component in applications requiring steadfast fastening, Philidas nuts provide a robust and reliable locking mechanism without the need for additional nuts and bolts. Their integration is commonplace in industries that demand the highest calibre of precision engineering, making them a go-to choice for professionals in the aerospace, automotive and heavy machinery industries.

How Philidas Nuts Work.

The brilliance of the Philidas lock nut lies in its self-locking capability. As the nut is tightened onto a threaded rod or bolt, the slots in the crown of the Philidas nut deform elastically. This action creates a wedge against the mating thread, ensuring the nut remains securely locked in place, effectively eliminating the risk of loosening due to vibration or load changes.

This innovative locking mechanism stands as an exemplar in fastening solutions, setting them apart from Aerotight nuts and affirming Philidas lock nuts as a cornerstone in precision engineering.

What Material Philidas Nuts Are Made From.

When it comes to material, these nuts offer nothing but the best. Crafted from A2-70 Stainless Steel for general applications and A4-80 Marine Grade Stainless Steel for enhanced corrosion resistance, each Philidas nut promises long-lasting durability. The material choice is congruent with the exacting demands of applications, considering factors such as corrosive environments, load-bearing needs, and exposure to elements.

Additionally, AccuBlack chemical blackening is available as an extra finish for those seeking an aesthetic yet functional touch that reduces reflections and aids in camouflage. 

What Size and Type Philidas Nuts Are Available.

Accu caters to a broad spectrum of engineering needs by offering Philidas nut dimensions in varying sizes. Our range extends from the small M3 size, ideal for compact assemblies, to the robust M20 for heavy-duty applications.

We also stock both Philidas industrial nuts and Philidas turret nuts depending on your applicational needs. As a Philidas nut distributor, Accu proudly assures the unbeatable quality and effectiveness of these innovative fasteners. 


What's the difference between an industrial and turret Philidas nut?.

A Philidas industrial nut is generally used in heavy-duty applications and offers high torque resistance. In contrast, a turret Philidas nut is more suited for applications that require rapid assembly and disassembly, offering somewhat lower torque resistance but more options when it comes to re-usability.

Can Philidas nuts be reused?.

While Philidas nuts are designed for secure, long-term fastening, they can be reused in situations where the locking mechanism remains intact. However, it's crucial to inspect the nut for any wear or damage before reusing it. As your go-to Philidas nut suppliers, we can cater to orders needing just one, or millions of Philidas lock nuts.

Can temperature, liquids, vapours and oils impact how Philidas lock nuts function?.

External factors like temperature, liquids, vapours, and oils can affect the functionality of a Philidas nut. However, the high-quality A2-70 and A4-80 stainless steel variants ensure exceptional resilience against such elements, making them suitable for a range of challenging environments.

Are there any specific tools needed to install Philidas locking nuts?.

Standard wrenches and socket sets are generally sufficient for installing Philidas nuts. However, the specific tool may vary depending on the size and type of the Philidas nut being used. We'd advise against installing these nuts with an impact driver and instead use a torque wrench for precision installation.

Where can I find trusted Philidas distributors?.

Accu is among the top Philidas distributors, offering a wide array of Philidas fasteners. You can be assured of finding the exact Philidas nut spec that you require for your application, whether you need just one or a bulk order.

Bespoke Philidas Locking Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Philidas Locking Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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