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Philidas Turret Nuts

What are Philidas Turret Nuts?

A Philidas turret nut is an all-metal self-locking nut designed for high vibration or variable load applications that require a locking nut but where removal and re-application are anticipated. As a part of our full locking nut range, Accu also stocks the Philidas industrial nut variant for scenarios requiring higher torque resistance.

How Philidas Turret Nuts Work.

The Philidas turret nut employs a specialized locking feature integrated within its collar. When fastened, this mechanism interacts with the bolt's threads to create a firm, secure lock. This distinct design provides a reliable lock that minimizes the risk of loosening due to vibrations or changing loads.

What Materials Philidas Turret Nuts Made From.

Manufactured from superior-grade A2-70 and A4-80 stainless steel, Philidas turret nuts offer both long-lasting durability and excellent corrosion resistance. The all-metal construction is particularly beneficial in environments requiring high thermal stability and robustness.

In addition to the standard finish, Accu provides an AccuBlack service for a satin black appearance, which can be important for aerospace and architectural applications where anti-reflection aesthetics also play a role.

What Sets Philidas Turret Nuts Apart From Philidas Industrial Nuts?.

Philidas turret nuts are designed with a focus on reusability, making them ideal for applications that necessitate frequent assembly and disassembly. While Philidas industrial nuts are also somewhat reusable, their main focus is a higher torque resistance to vibration and loosening.


What tools are needed for installation?.

Installation typically requires standard hand tools like spanners or a socket set. For projects demanding high-precision or larger volumes, torque wrenches are recommended for optimal tightening.

Can Philidas turret nuts be re-used?.

Absolutely, one of the main advantages of the Philidas turret nut is its high level of reusability without a loss in locking effectiveness. A thorough inspection for signs of wear is recommended before each re-application.

Are Philidas turret nuts made to any industry standards?.

Yes, they meet the stringent requirements of relevant industry standards, such as ISO 2320 and 898-2 for BS 4929, ensuring that they uphold the highest levels of quality and performance.

Can environmental factors impact Philidas turret nuts?.

These nuts are crafted from A2-70 and A4-80 stainless steel to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, from high temperatures to corrosive liquids and vapours. Material selection is crucial when these nuts are to be used in particularly harsh conditions.

Bespoke Philidas Turret Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Philidas Turret Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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