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Bumax Metric Flat Washers.

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Bumax Metric Flat Washers

What are Bumax Metric Flat Washers?

Bumax Metric Flat Washers serve as an essential detail in the framework of mechanical engineering, demonstrating a symmetrical disc-shaped design, complete with a central aperture. As load-distributing spacers between a bolt head or a nut and a bearing surface, they prevent damage to assembly materials, reduce surface deformation, and control the forces exerted during fastening.

How Bumax Metric Flat Washers Work.

The operational efficacy of Bumax Metric Flat Washers is derived from their strategic placement between a fastener and the surface of the component. When a bolt or screw is torqued, the washer disperses the pressure over a larger area than the fastener alone, thus reducing the risk of material wear and pull-through. Simultaneously, these washers work to minimise the adverse effects of vibrational loosening by providing a smoother and wider bearing surface.

What Materials Bumax Metric Flat Washers Are Made From.

Bumax Metric Flat Washers are crafted from exceptional stainless steel grades - Bumax 88 and Bumax 109. Bumax 88 offers excellent strength, equivalent to 8.8 steel grade, making it perfect for standard applications. In contrast, Bumax 109, equivalent to 10.9 steel grade, is appreciated for its exceptional mechanical strength, making it the perfect choice for applications under extreme conditions. Both variants offer superior resistance to corrosion, enhancing the product lifespan in various environments.

What Size and Type Bumax Metric Flat Washers Are Available?.

At Accu, we cater to a wide spectrum of engineering requirements. Therefore, we offer Bumax Metric Flat Washers in a comprehensive size range from the precise M4 (4mm) for applications necessitating fine detailing to the larger M36 (36mm) for handling intensive mechanical tasks. The washers are available in both Bumax 88 and Bumax 109 variants, depending upon the intensity of the operation and environmental constraints. For pairing with these washers, consider our selection of Precision Screws and Nuts for an optimised assembly.


Q: What sets Bumax Metric Flat Washers apart from other washers?.

A: Bumax Metric Flat Washers, manufactured from Bumax 88 and Bumax 109 stainless steel grades, ensure optimal load distribution across the bearing surface, thereby reducing material wear and the chance of pull-through. Their inherent corrosion resistance allows them to withstand harsh environments, making them a reliable choice for various demanding applications.

Q: Can Bumax Metric Flat Washers hold up under extreme conditions?.

A: Absolutely. Bumax Metric Flat Washers, especially those made from Bumax 109, exhibit remarkable resilience even under high-stress conditions, and are capable of withstanding exposure to corrosive elements.

Q: Are there specific tools needed for the installation of Bumax Metric Flat Washers?.

A: Bumax Metric Flat Washers do not require special tools for installation. However, the installation of the associated bolt or screw may require tools, such as wrenches or screwdrivers, depending on the drive type of the fastener.

Q: How do I select the appropriate Bumax Metric Flat Washer size for my project?.

A: The right washer size is contingent on the bolt or screw diameter being used, the intensity of the load, and the characteristics of the assembly material. It is crucial to ensure that the washer's internal diameter matches the diameter of the fastener for a perfect fit.

Q: What is Accu's minimum order quantity for Bumax Metric Flat Washers?.

A: At Accu, we cater to the varying needs of our clients, so there is no minimum order quantity. You can purchase a single Bumax Metric Flat Washer or bulk order thousands of units based on your project's requirements.

Bespoke Bumax Metric Flat Washers Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Bumax Metric Flat Washers to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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