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Imperial Cheese Head Screws.

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Imperial Cheese Head Screws

What are Imperial Cheese Head Screws?

Imperial Cheese Head Screws are a distinct variety within the broader family of machine screws, appreciated for their robust design evocative of a wheel of cheese. Noteworthy for their broader head diameter and flat bearing surface, these screws are appreciated for their excellent clamping power. Featuring a slotted drive design, the Imperial Cheese Head Screws offer accuracy in torque application, making them an indispensable asset in precision engineering.

How Imperial Cheese Head Screws Work.

The functionality of Imperial Cheese Head Screws depends on their interaction with a compatible thread, typically an imperial nut or a pre-tapped hole. The large head diameter, a characteristic of the cheese head design, allows for a wider bearing surface, which in turn offers an evenly distributed load, preventing any material distortion. Moreover, their slotted drive type delivers advanced torque control, significantly reducing the possibility of thread stripping. These features make Imperial Cheese Head Screws a top choice for precise fastening operations.

What Material Are Imperial Cheese Head Screws Made From?.

At Accu, we take pride in manufacturing Imperial Cheese Head Screws with high-quality materials for durability and long service life. These materials primarily focus on A2 stainless steel. The selection of material is always in sync with the specific application requirements, considering aspects such as resistance to corrosion, load-bearing capacity, and tolerance to high temperature or pressure.

What Size and Type of Imperial Cheese Head Screws Are Available?.

Accu provides a vast array of Imperial Cheese Head Screws, with sizes ranging from precision 2BA for intricate applications to the larger 6BA types for heavy-duty tasks. We offer both Imperial and Metric Cheese Head Screws, catering to specific industries like aerospace that require imperial measurements. For distinct aesthetic or performance requirements, we also provide the AccuBlack service for a durable, non-reflective black finish, and offer thread-locking patch variants to counter screw loosening in high-vibration environments.


Q: How are Imperial Cheese Head Screws different from regular Cheese Head Screws?.

A: Imperial Cheese Head Screws differ in the unit of measurement used for their specification. They follow the imperial system, making them suitable for industries and applications that work with these units.

Q: Are Imperial Cheese Head Screws suitable for outdoor use?.

A: Yes, depending on the material used, our Imperial Cheese Head Screws can resist a range of outdoor elements. Those made from marine-grade A4 stainless steel or Nylon are particularly suited for outdoor installations due to their excellent corrosion resistance.

Q: Which tool is required to install Imperial Cheese Head Screws?.

A: For installation of Imperial Cheese Head Screws, a flat-head screwdriver matching the size of the screw slot is necessary. Accu stocks a comprehensive range of these tools for your convenience.

Q: How can I choose the correct size of Imperial Cheese Head Screw for my project?.

A: The selection of an appropriate size depends on your project specifics, such as material thickness, load requirements, and the size of pre-drilled holes or nuts.

Q: Can I order a single Imperial Cheese Head Screw from Accu?.

A: Absolutely, at Accu, we cater to varying customer needs, which is why we offer the flexibility to purchase a single unit or place a bulk order of Imperial Cheese Head Screws.

Bespoke Imperial Cheese Head Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Cheese Head Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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