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Cheese Head Screws.

Cheese Head Screws

What are Cheese Head Screws?

Cheese Head Screws, a prominent member of the machine screw family, exhibit a distinctive cylindrical design, reminiscent of a wheel of cheese. This engineering component is recognised for its high clamping strength facilitated by a comparatively larger head diameter and flat bearing surface. Notably, the drive type in Cheese Head Screws often utilises a slotted drive design, which supports precise torque application, making them an invaluable asset in precision engineering and micro-electronic assemblies.

How Cheese Head Screws Work.

The efficacy of Cheese Head Screws is predominantly determined by their interaction with a mating thread. This could be a nut or a pre-tapped hole in a workpiece. The larger head diameter, unique to the Cheese Head design, allows for an extensive bearing surface, facilitating a well-distributed load to prevent material distortion. The integration of a slotted drive type contributes to superior torque control, minimising the risk of thread stripping. These characteristics qualify Cheese Head Screws as an optimal choice in precision fastening tasks.

What Material Cheese Head Screws Are Made From.

Crafted for resilience and longevity, Cheese Head Screws are manufactured using durable materials such as stainless steel variants (A2 for standard applications and marine grade A4 for superior corrosion resistance), and other robust materials such as Nylon for anti-magnetic properties and traditional alloys like Brass for aesthetics. The material choice is directly tied to the application's needs, taking into consideration factors like resistance to specific corrosive elements, load-bearing requirements, and tolerance to elevated temperatures or pressures.

What Size and Type Cheese Head Screws Are Available.

To accommodate an array of engineering needs, Cheese Head Screws at Accu are available in sizes from the precision M0.5 variant for intricate applications, to robust M16 types for heavy-duty tasks. Our inventory includes Metric Cheese Head Screws as well as Imperial Cheese Head Screws, designed for industries such as aerospace that specify the use of imperial components. Furthermore, for specific aesthetic or performance demands, we offer our AccuBlack service for a durable, non-reflective matte black finish, and thread-locking options to prevent screw loosening in high-vibration environments.


Q: Why should I choose Cheese Head Screws over other types of screws?.

A: Cheese Head Screws are known for their larger head diameter, which ensures an extensive bearing surface for even load distribution. This, coupled with their slotted drive types, provides superior torque control, making them ideal for precision fastening tasks.

Q: Can Cheese Head Screws withstand outdoor elements?.

A: Absolutely. Cheese Head Screws, especially those made from stainless steel, A4 grade, or Nylon, demonstrate remarkable resistance to corrosive elements, making them well-suited for outdoor installations.

Q: What tools are needed to install Cheese Head Screws?.

A: The choice of tool depends on the drive type of the Cheese Head Screw. Slotted variants require a flat-head screwdriver of which we stock an entire range. 

Q: How do I determine the right Cheese Head Screw size for my project?.

A: The appropriate size is contingent on the specifics of your application, including factors like material thickness, load-bearing requirements, and the size of the pre-drilled holes or nuts.

Q: Does Accu have a minimum order quantity for Cheese Head Screws?.

A: No, Accu caters to diverse customer needs, offering the flexibility to purchase as little as a single unit or place a bulk order for thousands of Cheese Head Screws.

Bespoke Cheese Head Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Cheese Head Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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