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Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws.

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Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws

What are Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws?

Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws, often referred to as "stripper bolts," are precision-crafted machine screws featuring an unthreaded cylindrical shoulder section and an adjoining threaded portion with an internal hexagonal or 'Allen' drive type. The Imperial designation refers to the screw and thread size, which adheres to the inch-based system of measurement predominant in certain countries and industries. These screws are principally used in precision applications, facilitating linear motion or providing accurate alignment and spacing in complex machinery.

How Do Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws Work?.

The operation of Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws hinges on their distinctive design. The cylindrical shoulder is precisely inserted into a corresponding bore in the assembled parts. This shoulder, while being rotationally static, can serve as a pivot point or a linear guide for components moving along its axis such as bearings. The threaded portion ensures firm anchorage by engaging with a mating nut or threaded hole, while the internal hex drive facilitates high torque transmission, reducing the likelihood of the head stripping under load.

What Material Are Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws Made From?.

Accu's Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws are engineered from a wide array of robust materials chosen for their specific properties. Stainless steel variants, including A2 and 416, are prized for their excellent corrosion resistance and durability, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

What Size and Type of Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws Are Available?.

We provide Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws in a multitude of sizes, ranging from shoulder diameters of 1/8 inch up to 1/2 inch, and thread sizes from 1/4-20 to 10-32 UNC. Thread lengths can vary depending on the specific requirement, extending the versatility of these screws. 

As a part of our commitment to meeting diverse engineering needs, we also provide two distinct specialised services. The first is our AccuBlack service. This process coats your Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws with a non-reflective matte black finish. This not only enhances the aesthetic of your assembly, particularly in applications where a low-profile or colour-coordinated assembly is required but also provides reduced reflection for vision-sensitive scenarios.

Our second exclusive service is the AccuScrews thread-locking patch. This is a pre-applied thread-locking adhesive applied to the screw threads. Once the screw is installed and the adhesive is exposed to the heat of the assembly, it activates, preventing your screws from unintentionally loosening under vibrations or dynamic loads. This is particularly useful in applications involving machinery or transportation where such conditions are common.


Q: Why should I opt for Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws over regular screws?.

A: Their distinctive design offering a precise shoulder diameter and controlled shoulder-to-thread transition makes them suitable for applications where precise movement or alignment is required. The internal hex drive also ensures a robust engagement, reducing the risk of head damage during high-torque tightening.

Q: Can these screws withstand high-load applications?.

A: Absolutely. Specifically, the variants made from alloy steel provide excellent tensile strength, making them well-suited for high-stress environments. However, as always, ensure the chosen screw material and size align with your application's specific load-bearing requirements.

Q: What tool do I need to tighten or loosen these screws?.

A: An Allen wrench, or hex drive bit, that corresponds with the size of the internal hex drive in the screw head is required for these operations.

Q: How do I select the correct screw size for my application?.

A: Selection depends on multiple factors: the diameter of the pre-drilled bore, the thickness and type of materials being fastened, the load requirements, and the nature of the movement (if any) in the application. Careful consideration of these factors will guide you to the most appropriate screw size.

Q: Do I have to purchase these screws in bulk quantities?.

A: No, Accu understands that each project is unique. Therefore, we allow orders of any quantity - from a single Imperial Socket Shoulder Screw to a batch of thousands, suiting the scale and scope of your project.

Bespoke Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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