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Shop By Drive Type.

Shop By Drive Type

What are Shop By Drive Type?

At Accu, we understand the crucial role that the right drive type plays in the success of your precision engineering projects. Whether you're assembling delicate electronic devices or constructing robust automotive systems, our extensive collection of screws and drive types ensures an optimal fit for both the tool and the task at hand.

Extensive Drive-Type Options.

Our extensive selection of drive types is specifically chosen to enhance the performance of your engineering projects across various sectors.

Starting with the versatile Phillips and Pozi drives, providing outstanding auto-alignment and efficiency, particularly suited for assembly lines and automating tasks. Meanwhile, the simple slotted drive is perfect for straightforward assembly tasks, providing easy tool engagement and reliable performance.

For applications in manufacturing or electronics, the socket hex drive offers robust engagement, ideal for handling high-torque requirements. The Torx drive stands out in high-precision industries such as aerospace, where its unique six-point design significantly reduces slippage and enhances torque, ensuring precision where it matters most.

In environments where security is crucial, our Security drives, including options like security Torx and security Hex, prevent tampering and unauthorised disassembly, making them essential for sensitive installations. 

Lastly, for scenarios requiring frequent adjustments without the use of tools, our Hand Screws are invaluable. They allow for quick manual adjustments, greatly simplifying assembly and disassembly processes and saving time in dynamic project environments.

Head Types to Suit Every Project.

A selection of head types complements each of these drive types to suit various applications and aesthetic preferences. From the inconspicuous finish provided by countersunk heads to the robust functionality of cap heads, each design is tailored to meet specific project needs while ensuring reliability and performance.

Tailored Solutions & Finishes.

At Accu, we go beyond, offering custom finishing solutions such as AccuBlack coatings for enhanced blacked-out aesthetics to AccuLock thread lock patches for additional security against vibrations.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect drive type for your project, considering factors like operational environments, load requirements and tool accessibility.

Bespoke Shop By Drive Type Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Shop By Drive Type to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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