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Shear Bolts.

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Shear Bolts

What are Shear Bolts?

A Shear Bolt is a type of  1-Way Security Screw, intended to provide a permanent fixture once installed. They fasten very similarly to standard Hexagon Bolts, and can be installed using a regular hex socket driver or a spanner. However the hex head of a Shear Bolt is designed to snap off (or shear) once it reaches a predetermined torque level, leaving a conical shape, similar to a Button Head, with a smooth finish.

The required Shear Torque, or breaking point, for each Shear Bolt is given on the technical specifications within each product page.

Shear Nuts are also available from Accu, which are commonly used as a security fixing for street signage in major cities, such as London. Shear Nuts are fastened in the same way as Shear Bolts, requiring no special tooling.

Accu can also supply a more premium solution in the form of Kinmar® Permanent Security Bolts, which are capable of withstanding heavy duty attack from potential tamperers and, when installed, leave no unplated surfaces.


Accu’s Shear Bolts are manufactured from A2 Stainless Steel as standard, alternative materials and finishes may be available on request.


Accu’s range of Shear Bolts are available in metric M6 to M12 thread diameters and in thread lengths of 16mm up to 80mm.

Bespoke Shear Bolts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Shear Bolts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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