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Metric Torx Pan Head Sealing Screws.

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Metric Torx Pan Head Sealing Screws

What are Metric Torx Pan Head Sealing Screws?

This range of self sealing screws features a Pan shaped head fitted with a captive O-Ring, designed to form a 360° seal when fastened. A highly specialised type of fastener, this type of Sealing Screw features the popular Torx Drive (6 Lobe), which provides increased resistance to cam-out during installation.

Unlike a standard Torx Pan Head Screw, this self sealing variant is uniquely engineered with a groove under the head. This means that the pre-fitted rubber O-Ring allows for a tighter seal and metal-to-metal contact with the housing material when installed, compared to using a separate O-Ring.

The air-tight hermetic seal provided by these screws is designed to maintain optimum performance in machinery, preventing leakage of fluids, gases and contaminants, even under extreme pressures and temperature conditions.

Manufactured in the USA by ZAGO to meet Military Spec, sealing screws are supplied by Accu in a range of head and drive types, with 3 O-Ring material options (Buna, Fluorosilicone and Viton) available as standard. Alternative materials are available on request.


Metric Torx Pan Sealing Screws are available from Accu in A2 Stainless Steel as standard. O Ring Material options for this range include Buna, Fluorosilicone and Viton (Fluorocarbon). AccuLock specialist thread locking patches can be applied to these screws for increased resistance to vibrations.


Accu’s range of Sealing Torx Pan Head Screws are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 7045 standard and are available in metric M3 to M6 thread diameters, with lengths ranging from 4mm to 20mm.

Imperial Self Seal Torx Pan Head Screws are also available from Accu.

Bespoke Metric Torx Pan Head Sealing Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Metric Torx Pan Head Sealing Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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