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Metric Socket Head Brass Tipped Set / Grub Screws.

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Metric Socket Head Brass Tipped Set / Grub Screws

What are Metric Socket Head Brass Tipped Set / Grub Screws?

Socket head brass tipped grub screws, often referred to as brass tipped set screws, are a specialised type of fastener. These screws are characterized by their flush cylindrical head with a hexagonal drive integrated into the threaded shaft, and a brass tip at the opposite end of the screw head. This brass tip is instrumental in providing a softer contact point against the surface it's fastened to, helping to prevent damage or wear. Ideal for precision applications, these brass-tipped set screws are essential in scenarios where a durable yet gentle touch is required.

How Socket Head Brass Tipped Set/Grub Screws Work.

Brass tip socket set screws are used in applications where the point of the screw needs to apply pressure without damaging the target material. For instance, they're commonly employed in securing gears onto shafts, where the brass tip gently grips without leaving marks on the shaft's surface. Their reliability and precision make them a staple in the mechanical engineering and manufacturing sectors, particularly in delicate assemblies where both strength and protection of components are paramount. For an even gentler, non-conductive touch, we also stock nylon-tipped grub screws.

The Materials of Socket Head Brass Tipped Set/Grub Screws.

Our socket head brass tipped set screws are crafted from high-grade A2 Stainless Steel, ensuring strength and corrosion resistance for a wide range of industrial applications. The brass tip is key in offering a non-mark leaving contact point, beneficial in reducing wear and tear on delicate surfaces. This combination of materials strikes a perfect balance between durability and gentleness, catering to diverse applications in precision engineering.

What Size and Type of Socket Head Brass Tipped Set/Grub Screws Are Available..

Available in a range of sizes, these brass tip grub screws range from M3 (3mm) to M6 (6mm) in thread size, with lengths spanning from 4mm to 21mm. This variety ensures a fit for an extensive range of applications. Customers can also opt for custom manufacturing for specific needs, including special finishes that cater to unique requirements.


Q: Where would you use a brass tip set screw?.

A: Brass tip set screws are ideal for applications where damage to the contact surface must be avoided but environmental factors mean nylon-tipped screws aren't an option. They're frequently used in precision machinery, for securing components like gears, pulleys, or dials onto shafts. The brass tip gently but firmly grips the part, minimizing wear while maintaining secure positioning.

Q: Can brass-tipped grub screws be used in outdoor environments?.

A: Yes, our brass-tipped grub screws, made from A2 Stainless Steel, are suitable for outdoor use. This material offers excellent corrosion resistance, making them ideal for applications exposed to the elements. However, it's important to consider the specific environmental conditions, as extreme climates or exposure to certain chemicals might require additional protective measures.

Q: What tools are needed to install these set screws?.

A: To install these brass-tipped set screws, you'll typically need a hex key or an Allen wrench. The size of the tool depends on the size of the screw's internal hex drive. It's crucial to use the correct size to avoid stripping the head, ensuring a secure and proper fit.

Q: Are there any specific industries where these set screws are particularly useful?.

A: These screws are widely used in industries that require precision and care, such as aerospace, electronics, and medical device manufacturing. They're also prevalent in mechanical engineering applications, where the need to secure parts without surface damage is critical.

Q: How do I determine the appropriate size and length of the screw for my application?.

A: The choice of size and length depends on the specific requirements of your application, including the thickness of the components being fastened and the depth of the threaded hole. It's important to ensure that the diameter (M3 to M6) and length (4mm to 21mm) of the screw correspond to the dimensions of the parts involved. For special requirements, our custom manufacturing service can provide tailored solutions.

Bespoke Metric Socket Head Brass Tipped Set / Grub Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Metric Socket Head Brass Tipped Set / Grub Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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