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Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws.

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Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws

What are Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws?

Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws, a critical player in the precision screws family, are meticulously engineered with a cylindrical cap head that facilitates a superior o-ring sealing mechanism beneath the head. The primary role of these fasteners is to effectively prevent the ingress of air, moisture, and other contaminants by creating a secure seal when integrated into an assembly. In addition, their hexagonal socket drive design allows the application of higher torque than many other screw types, making them a vital resource for high-performance engineering tasks and assembly work.

How Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws Work.

Functionally, Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws secure two or more components together through their interaction with a corresponding imperial thread. This could be embedded within an imperial nut or a pre-drilled hole in a workpiece. The cylindrical cap head with an integrated o-ring, once tightened, creates a robust seal that acts as a barrier against the leakage of liquids, gases, or other substances. In addition, the hexagonal socket drive, compatible with Allen keys, facilitates high torque application, contributing to a sturdy, robust and reliable fastening, reducing the chance of thread damage or stripping.

What Material Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws Are Made From.

Designed for high performance and longevity, Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws are fabricated from A2 Stainless Steel - a popular grade of stainless steel known for its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. The choice of this material ensures that the screws can maintain their structural integrity and sealing properties even in challenging environmental conditions.

Moreover, for enhanced performance, these screws may be finished with thread-locking patches that provide resistance to vibrational loosening. This feature can be especially advantageous in high-vibration applications.

What Size and Type Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws Are Available.

The versatility of Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws is reflected in the comprehensive size range provided by Accu. Starting from the smaller 1/4-20 thread size, suitable for applications demanding compact and precise fastening, up to the larger 10-32 thread size for more robust and heavy-duty applications. Our length options offer 3/16 inch up to 1-1/4 inch options, fit for any demanding task.


Q: Why should I opt for Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws?.

A: Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws provide a superior sealing mechanism thanks to the embedded o-ring underneath the cap head. They are particularly beneficial in applications requiring a secure seal against leakage of substances and those demanding high torque values.

Q: How do Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws perform in outdoor or harsh environments?.

A: Thanks to their A2 Stainless Steel construction, these screws demonstrate remarkable resilience and corrosion resistance, making them well-suited for outdoor installations or harsh environments.

Q: What tools do I need to work with these screws?.

A: To work with Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws, you would need a hex key or Allen wrench corresponding to the hex socket size of the screw for the application of torque.

Q: How do I determine the right size of these screws for my project?.

A: The size selection depends on various factors, including the thickness and type of materials being fastened, the required load-bearing capacity, and the dimensions of the corresponding internal imperial threads.

Q: Does Accu enforce a minimum order quantity for these screws?.

A: No, at Accu, we appreciate that every project has unique requirements. Hence, we allow orders from as small as a single screw to thousands, providing the flexibility to cater to diverse project scales.

Bespoke Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Socket Cap Head Sealing Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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