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Cap Head Screws.

Cap Head Screws

What are Cap Head Screws?

Cap Screw - A screw or bolt with a distinctive cylindrical cap head profile.

Cap head screws are a stalwart and indispensable component in precision assembly and engineering. Characterized by their distinct cylindrical cap-shaped head, these screws can accommodate various drives, including the popular hex socket and the increasingly prevalent Torx drive.

The cap head design is engineered to distribute loads evenly and is a preferred choice for applications where reliability and precision are paramount, hence their popularity.

How Cap Screws Work.

A Cap screw operates on the principle of converting torque into clamping force just like any other bolt. Whether installing a torx or socket head cap screw, the tall cylindrical nature of the screw heads allows for easy yet accurate engagement with matching tools for accurate torque transmission. The different drive options offer versatility, with the Torx drive, in particular, providing increased resistance to cam-out, thus enhancing the screw's efficiency in high-torque applications.

What Materials Cap Head Bolts & Screws Are Made From.

Our cap head bolts and screws are fabricated from a wide selection of materials all tailored to suit various applications. From Aluminium, A2 & A4 Stainless Steel, High Tensile Stainless Steel and Titanium to plastic options including Nylon, Peek and Polycarbonate. These materials are chosen for their exceptional properties, including strength, corrosion resistance, and suitability for specialized environments.

You can further optimize the functionality of these cap head bolts and screws with finishes like AccuBlack chemical blackening for reduced reflections and the AccuLock thread locking patches for high-vibration scenarios. Both of these services can be used in tandem or individually to enhance both the screw's appearance and performance.

What Size and Type Cap Screws Are Available.

From the minute M1.6 thread size to the more substantial M30, our cap screws come in a broad array of dimensions. The drive types also vary to include hex socket and Torx options, allowing for a wide range of application-specific uses. The variety in size and type ensures that for any precision requirement, there is a cap screw in our selection to meet it.

If you can't find the correct cap head screw dimensions in the material or drive type you need then don't worry! Accu offers custom manufacturing on any component, just head on over to our custom manufacturing form, input your custom cap head screw dimensions, material and drive type and our engineers will get you a quote as soon as we can.


Q: Do cap head screws need washers?.

A: Using washers with cap head screws can be beneficial for distributing the load, protecting the surface, or ensuring the load is retained. The distinct profile of a cap screw lends itself to easy integration with many different types of washers depending on the application and the materials being fastened.

Q: How do you measure cap head screws?.

A: Cap head screws are measured from the base of the head to the end of the thread for length and by the diameter of the threaded shaft (major thread diameter) for width. For example, an M1.6x10mm screw has a major thread diameter of 1.6mm and a length of 10mm. The length of the cap isn't taken into account and is often designated as a separate measurement.

Q: Which torque setting is needed for cap head screws?.

A: The ideal torque setting for cap head screws depends on several factors including the material, size, and drive type of the screw. To ensure you apply the correct amount of torque, we recommend consulting our detailed guide on recommended tightening torques. This resource provides comprehensive specifications to help you achieve the precise level of tightness for optimal performance and safety.

Q: What is the difference between a bolt and a capscrew?.

A: Typically, a hex bolt requires a spanner or a socket set to tighten or loosen, as its drive type spans the circumference of the head. Contrastingly, a cap screw has its drive type integrated into the head, allowing it to be driven directly by tools such as a hex key or Torx key, providing a secure fit and more controlled torque application.

Q: Are cap screws fully threaded?.

A: No, cap screws are not exclusively fully threaded. At Accu, we supply a comprehensive range of both fully threaded and partially-threaded cap screws to suit diverse application requirements, ensuring you have the right thread coverage for your specific assembly needs.

Q: Can cap head screws be used in sensitive electronic applications?.

A: Absolutely, our Nylon and Polycarbonate cap head screws are non-conductive and ideal for such applications, providing strength without the risk of electrical interference.

Q: Are custom drive types available for cap head screws?.

A: Yes, at Accu, we understand that unique applications may require custom solutions. Our custom manufacturing service includes the provision of unique cap head screw dimensions with custom drive types to meet specific project requirements.

Bespoke Cap Head Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Cap Head Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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